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Why get your business in front of 100s of people a week?

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From time to time we have Companies, organisations, individuals, media channels etc wanting to make contact with all types of mobile caterers and service suppliers. In the past we did not have a central location to send those enquires to, but now we do ;-)

This is why you can now register your catering business or a related service in our directory for a whole year for just £9.99 (£1 per month). This will allow Event organisers, businesses and individuals to search find and contact you quickly and efficiently.

More importantly, anyone can access this directory and search for you business. It’s open to everyone!

Below are 5 great reasons for you to register your business:

  • Sign up in seconds and update your listing at anytime!
  • After all, it’s your business. It’s your profile! Get started for as little as £9.99 per year! Wow! Fully searchable directory.
  • Showcase your business details, include your website, Facebook, Twitter, maps full address, images, reviews, turn by turn directions to your business location, full mobile capabilities etc.
  • Reach thousands of visitors searching for mobile and catering services near them that offer the services and products YOU provide!
  • Get your business found in Google search results.

So if you’re currently up and running, or are about to launch your catering business (related service) please consider adding your business to our directory and getting your business in front of the right people. You will be able to include full business details including photos, website link, social media, contact details and much more.

If you feel this is for you, please visit the Mobile Catering Directory for more info.

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