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LPG Water Boiler Information, Advice and Tips. Find Out More

hot water boiler

LPG water boiler is an amazing piece of equipment and easy to use. Great for making coffee, teas and much more. Cleaning tips, advice and help. Great for any catering business.

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Rent suggestions for industrial estate

Hi all: My husband and I are trying to start our mobile food business. There is a Small industrial estate just near my home. We discussed with the Land

Continue reading "Rent suggestions for industrial estate "

Coffee machine for catering trailer

Hi, I am looking to start trading in the next couple of weeks and am looking for a coffee machine. I want something more then a hot water urn with instant

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Help Gas or Electric For Mobile Catering

I my god, my brain is frazzled, I’m sorry this question is pretty much been asked a million times, but I just need more help. I have just purchased a tiny

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Using griddle in other ways

Hi! Wondering if there are any other ways anybody have used the griddle on a burger van? We have recently purchased a burger van however we plan on using

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Advice on Gas Fed Equipment Horse Box Trailer

Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a small converted horse box trailer to mainly sell coffee and possibly food.It seems that gas fed equipment is

Continue reading "Advice on Gas Fed Equipment Horse Box Trailer "

Contacting Event Organisers Coffee Bike

I want to travel to events in Devon this summer with a barista coffee bike and I would like to find out where and who I should contact to rent the space/or

Continue reading "Contacting Event Organisers Coffee Bike"

Wiring a van.

Hello! I am about to start wiring process of my catering van as well as piping work for lpg appliances. Could you please explain to me what kind of qualification

Continue reading "Wiring a van."

What cooking equipment requires canopy/extractor ?

Hi there, I am about to fit in cooking appliances into my van. I was wandering if appliances such small gas griddle and 2x gas salamanders need a canopy/extractor

Continue reading "What cooking equipment requires canopy/extractor ?"

Catering Van or Gazebo

Hi there, I am starting my own mobile catering business and I'm at the time where I've mastered my dish and now need to start making in bulk. I need to

Continue reading "Catering Van or Gazebo"

Classic double decker bus hospitality and catering for sale £60k drive away

For sale 1966 AEC Regent V double decker bus, gas cert till August 2020, 5 star hygiene rating, operate off grid for 2-3 days ....200 litre water tanks

Continue reading "Classic double decker bus hospitality and catering for sale £60k drive away"

Start Mobile Catering Business in Zimbabwe.

Hello David I really want to do business in Zimbabwe. I have conducted some market research and I think I will never go wrong with it. When I went home

Continue reading "Start Mobile Catering Business in Zimbabwe."

Generator vs Leisure Battery

Hi David and everyone else I've written in previously and am very grateful for the response but I need more help regarding how to power everything in

Continue reading "Generator vs Leisure Battery"

Preparing food for mobile catering business

Hi I have been wishfully thinking for many years about starting a mobile catering business and have decided now to finally take things a bit more seriously

Continue reading "Preparing food for mobile catering business"

Which one is best Van or trailer

Hi, I am wish to start my our mobile food business, please can you tell me which one a van or trailer recommended, which one is cheaper to run? Thank you

Continue reading "Which one is best Van or trailer "

Council License Fees even on private land?

Hi, I am in the process of trying to set up a food trailer in Birmingham. Currently the council have no licenses for the town center and charge approx

Continue reading "Council License Fees even on private land?"

Site Available Near Basingstoke At Builders Merchant

Site available near Basingstoke for long term at a builders merchant. Enquire by email to: dan.viccars@elliotts.uk

Continue reading "Site Available Near Basingstoke At Builders Merchant"

Newbee needing help please ..

Hey there .. I'm a complete novice and newbee to all this .. have worked at festies for others but iv now got a double decker bus and converting it to

Continue reading "Newbee needing help please .."

Mobile Coffee business for sale £13500

Buy a coffee business

Great opportunity to own ready to start mobile coffee business. Business inventory: · Fully equipped coffee car, including branded table, bin

Continue reading "Mobile Coffee business for sale £13500"

LPG catering equipment gas safe certificates

Hi, Easy year we run a camp for a group of kids for a charity. We have struggled to get guidance from employed staff what needs to be done to get the

Continue reading "LPG catering equipment gas safe certificates "

air flow catering trailer

I have a catering trailer with six LPG gas appliances when an air co2 test is done with the doors closed it failed the test. I have had a gas value interlock

Continue reading "air flow catering trailer"

Catering Pitch To Start Mobile Catering

I'm wondering if anyone could give me some advice? we currently own a cafe, running a business from a building is pretty straight forward however, we

Continue reading "Catering Pitch To Start Mobile Catering"

Permanent pitch available in New Malden Surrey

It is proving difficult to find a permanent operator for a permanent new pitch we have available. Without going to one of the big commercial players like

Continue reading "Permanent pitch available in New Malden Surrey"

Mobile Barber Pod

Hi I have a mobile barber pod in the form of a trailer with a barber shop inside. I am struggling to get anywhere to pitch this. Everybody loves the idea

Continue reading "Mobile Barber Pod"

Honda silent inverter generator or green gear

Hi, I would ideally want a 2 -3 kw generator, but am struggling to know which to buy. The Honda EU20i Dual Fuel 2kw silent inverter suitcase generator

Continue reading "Honda silent inverter generator or green gear "

Catering Pitch (Coaley Peak) Stroud, Gloucestershire Available

The pitch is on top of the hill (Coaley Peak), 6 miles outside of Stroud, Gloucestershire. There are 250,000 visitors per year, mostly dog walkers and

Continue reading "Catering Pitch (Coaley Peak) Stroud, Gloucestershire Available "

mobile catering van

hi, I need a lpg gas safe certificate and I am having trouble with my 3 month old parry gwb6p water boiler, which nobody seems to want anything to do with.

Continue reading "mobile catering van"

Siting of LPG generator

Sliding pull out generator

Hello! I am currently setting up a mobile coffee trailer in a vintage horsebox. We have decided on an LPG generator to run the coffee machine, grinder

Continue reading "Siting of LPG generator"

Gas Safe Certificate For A Generator?

Hi there I'm new to the whole trailer side of the industry and just wanted to try and clarify something I can't seem to find the answer to online. (Some

Continue reading "Gas Safe Certificate For A Generator?"

Advice needed on LPG Generator Mobile Catering

Hi, I’m just buying a converted horse box with only electric hookup, I’m not cooking inside I will only be using fridges, tea urn and lighting. I’ve noticed

Continue reading "Advice needed on LPG Generator Mobile Catering"

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