Catering Pitch Resources

So you have your heart set on starting a catering business, but you need a pitch or a regular event to sell your delicious range of foods. At times this can be one of the most frustrating parts of getting started. But don’t give up hope, keep moving forward with finding a location to trade from.

Below is a list of resources that you may find helpful. Some will arrange a catering pitch. Others list events where you can have the chance to contact the event organiser or at least provide a starting point.

We will try to update often -  if you have suggestions or would like to add a resource to help others please contact us here.

Click the Links Below

  1. Retails Concessions
  3. Country Fetes
  4. Showmans Directory
  5. Out Door Events Directory
  6. Whitebook
  7. Eventbuyerslive
  9. Festivalorganisers
  14. - Buy a Pitch

Other Useful Links

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