Small Business Grants

Find the Right Funding For You

If you are looking for some small business grants or loan resources to finance your business start up, then take a look at the different organizations below. Each one has a different lending procedure depending on your circumstances. Check to see if your qualify and hopefully find a financial solution best suited to your needs.

  • NFEA national federation of enterprise agencies
  • SFLG (small firms loan guarantee)
  • British Business Angels Association
  • Small Business Grants
  • Prince Trust Small Business Loans

NFEA National Federation Of Enterprise Agencies

Support for Start-Ups, Micro Businesses and the Self Employed from Enterprise Agencies, the NFEA have offices all around the country so you should find someone local to you, visit the main website and search from there. Also visit their links page for other related agencies that may be able to help you locate various business grants. National Federation of Enterprise

Small Firms Loan Guarantee (SFLG)

The SFLG is a joint venture between the DTI and a number of approved lenders (banks).It helps businesses that cannot get loan finance by providing a government guarantee.

This small business credit and financing option is for an established business searching for finance and who are not able to secure funding through the main banks because of lack of security/assets. The loan is screened in two parts firstly by the banks and then by the Small Business Service to see if it meets the DTI eligibility criteria.

British Business Angels Association

This service is mainly for entrepreneurs and small businesses who are looking for financial investment in their business in exchange for a share of the business (equity funding) mainly for high growth business.

Business Angels are Individuals or Groups who not only provide funding but also bring their skills, contacts and experience to the your business. British Business Angels Association

Listen! to John Courtney from Strategy Consulting Limited. I came across this web site through doing some research and found it to be very interesting.The areas that they specialize in include funding for start ups and already established businesses take a look at

Business Link Website -
Has Now Changed to GOV.UK

Please visit the NEW Government's official website for a range of small business grants and loan opportunities. The service also offers mentoring, consultancy and other initiatives.

This is a new and improved service and should provide you with better information and services. They also cover most geographical areas of the U.K and should be high on your list of resources to investigate. For more info visit Gov.UK

Princes Trust

The Princes Trust is mainly aimed at young people aged from between 14-30 years old providing them with advice and support. They give young people access to small business grants and low interest loans to help them either start a new business or even a grant for other purposes, for full info visit their web site Princes Trust Web site

What To Do Next

Be proactive and try all the resources mentioned above, hopefully there should be an option for everyone or at least some food for thought. I have tried to cover the most popular options of obtaining small business grants that are available, but also still check with your local council to see if they can help you.

Also I'd like to add that if you know of any other funding options especially business grants that is not covered here please Contact us so that it can be added for other people to access.

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