Mobile Catering Trailers for Sale

Mobile catering trailers for sale is the next big step on your journey to staring a mobile catering business and it’s a step I’ve taken myself. The first place I started looking was on Ebay and others like Gumtree, Business classified ads etc.

Ebay is always a good place to start when looking for a trailer as there is always a good selection of food vehicles for you to look through.

Below is a selection of new and used catering trailers if you have never brought anything on Ebay I would highly recommend it since they sell a good range of mobile catering trailer, catering vans and even people selling catering pitches.
The process is very simple and you can get some real bargains.

I got a really good deal on a brand new LPG double griddle (for cooking burgers, sausages) anyway take a look for yourself and see if you can find yourself a bargain.

By browsing through the mobile catering trailers section below it will give you an idea of the many kinds of mobile units available. If you like what you see on eBay simply contact the seller and arrange a viewing and don't forget to haggle to get a better price. It's always a good idea to take someone with you for support and to give you some genuine feedback.

Ask as many questions as you can and don't be afraid to take a test drive (try cooking) also check to see if the trailer has a LPG gas safety certificate or a NIC electric certificate. We’ve also got a Classifed Ads Catering Trailer section here for those of you who are looking to buy or sell you catering trailer, equipment etc.

Buyer Beware - Please check Out the Following Posts  before Buying a Catering Vehicle: Check to See if the Catering Trailer Is Stolen  & Beware Of What You Are Getting

Catering Trailers For Sale