How To Check If Mobile Catering Trailer is Stolen

by Derek

I want to buy a catering trailer and want the advice on it.Please advise me what paper work do I need to get from the seller of Mobile catering trailer?

How can I check if the trailer is not stolen? Does DVLA or VOSA hold any information about the chassis that the trailer is built on?

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my Catering trailer stolen in front my garden
by: Suda

Hi, My name Sudaporn, from Adelaide Avenue, London SE4 1YR
I so sick, my catering trailer have been stolen on Saturday 13th August 2016 in the day light about 3 pm. the trailer sign name Thai & Oriental Food, double excel, have full equipment, yamaha generator and cabinet warm food,
The witness saw the car Ford estate, silver throw my trailer drove of from my garden.
I really need help, I still suffering from lost business in May and tried to pull myself back, no money no job and just thinking to get market pitch somewhere,
what can I do? Please help, How can I post photos of trailer,
Please report Police or let me know 07463539193
thank you

Mobile catering Trailer
by: Rasaq Oke

Here in Nigeria, to ship a either a new Mobile Trailer or fairly used Trailer intended to be used for mobile kitchen, it s too expensive, but I found out lately that there other brand of vehicles that we can equally use and are cheaper to maintain.

Stolen trailers.
by: Anonymous

I would have thought insurance companies ask for the serial number of each trailer insured .So like with cars it would not be rocket science to share a list of stolen trailers on a joint data base.It is important to save the name, address and phone number of the person you buy it from.Only buy from the house and if possible get the sellers car registration number.

Buying a Second Hand Catering Trailer Tips.
by: David

When you buy a second hand trailer you should receive a normal receipt and any gas/electric safety certificates etc. As far as I am aware there is no log book or change of owner documents the kind you get when you purchase a car.

As far as I am aware there isn't a database for stolen trailers, (if I'm wrong will someone let me know, certainly not VOSA or DVLA) even though they are prone to being stolen.

To try and safe guard and be aware of the following:

- Attempt to verify how long the catering trailer has been in the current owner's possession for. Is there any documentation to support this i.e. receipts, basic service or parts?

- If it hasn't been that long or if they want a quick sale - start to ask more questions and even contact the previous owners if possible.

- Take a close look at the trailer body to see if it's has been re-sprayed; this could be an indication that it may have been stolen. Or a harmless fresh coat of paint.

- In addition try and find out who manufactures the trailer and get in touch with them. They should be able to tell you what to look for including if anything has been tampered with i.e. serial numbers identification tag

- Finally ask if you can tow the trailer to see how it feels on the open road and if it feels safe to tow? Do the brakes work? Are the tyres in good condition?

- It would also be worth looking at the chassis (underneath) to make sure it's not damaged, bent or disfigured in any way that might indicate accident damage.

Taking these simple precautions should minimize the risk of buying either a stolen or damaged mobile catering trailer. Just like buying a car do all the necessary checks to rule out any foul play.

Best of luck


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