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My name is David and I have a passion for business. This website Mobcater.co.uk formally know as small business family website resources is a collection of my many different business enterprises which I have pursued, and been involved in over the last 10yrs, with one of my favorites being Mobile Catering

The main purpose of this website is to provide you with great insights into the world of Mobile Catering, but I've also been involved in many other honest business idea. I also explain this to let you see that anyone can achieve a level of success in business.

Starting off with no real business experience or training myself, and armed with just sheer enthusiasm for business has lead me to be involved  in quite a few business ventures from traditional business like mobile catering, franchising, to trying a MLM multilevel marketing business and ending with internet based businesses such as Ebay, affiliate incomes, and earning money through website businesses. For me by far the best and the most lucrative of the bunch.

david from small business ideas & family resources

Each experience has taught me a different lesson about business and more interestingly about myself, especially when it came to my strengths and weaknesses.

My biggest lesson was also my biggest mistake ...spending -£10.000 pounds to be exact, and this is what it's taught me. Never start or pursue a business that you are not passionate about, just because you think it going to make you a lot of money"

Sounds like common sense, but any long term business venture which is going to be profitable needs you to be highly passionate and motivated. With out this vital ingredient it’s like going to work each day and doing a job you hate or can't stand which is something that should be avoided at all cost. If you’re still here and reading this you must be  an entrepreneur (or aspiring) just like me with.

The only difference being is that I may have taken a little more action than you, and in some cases it may even be the other way round. Even though the starting point of this website is me and my experiences, it must undoubtedly end with you and your ideas, your stories, and your involvement.

My biggest goal is to try and cultivate in you through my experiences your own hunger and passion to hopefully get started in that business idea or opportunity that you have always wanted to begin.

Also if you have any personal business related experiences, then here is ideal place to share them with other people. By deciding to do this, we impact many more people through our own stories and personal experiences which in it self is priceless.

For example if you have read my personal experience on starting a successful mobile catering business from scratch you will get a strong sense of actually being there with me.

My personal story is a simple and honest account that sums up what I went through at each stage of my business. Yet it’s  helped inspire, motivate many people who are starting or thinking about starting a very similar business.

So! if you have experience of any small business venture from cutting hedges to making items to sell at a market, to running a shop, to even importing exporting goods. In fact anything that brings you in an honest income, we’d all be privileged to read, and learn more from your heart felt contribution.

Finally, I like to welcome you all to the Mobcater website which has been built, written and maintained mainly by me, so please forgive any mistakes or errors that you encounter on your travels through this website.

I'll just end by wishing you every success on your own small business journey, if you have any questions about this web site or if you would like to contribute in anyway e.g. by sharing your own business stories or ideas please contact me or do discover the few other business ideas I've been involved with in the past.

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