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"You never know when a helping hand will change another person's entire life." Zig Zigler

Share your small business tips and experiences by contributing your own personal story. This can be on any genuine small business activity that has earned you an honest and genuine income (a little or a lot).

You'll have the chance to influence people in positive way by sharing your own business experiences. This will help people make better decisions, find courage, motivation and inspiration through reading your real life business story.

When starting anything new, it’s always easier to have someone to look up to, teach and guide, making the process a little less daunting. By deciding to get involved, your words could be someone’s potential: role model, tutor, business adviser, or even a friend that takes them by the hand through the beginning stages of a business.

So if you do have some great business experience, tips or words of wisdom which will save someone from making costly or time consuming mistakes - please contribute what you know. Your business contribution no matter how small or unimportant to you, means a lot to someone who knows very little.

Contributing Is Very Easy - Simply Choose Your Category Below, and Begin Writing Your Story

Here are a few points that you may want to consider including  when sharing  your story:

  • Why start your own business, what motivates you
  • Did you need to raise any money to start your business
  • Did you use any resources for advice, support to get started e.g. government, web, friends, family, adviser
  • Did you start on your own or with friends/family or possibly a business partner
  • What obstacles did you encounter and did you overcome them
  • What are your best tips which you highly recommend  to others 
  • In your opinion what does it take to be a entrepreneur/small business owner 
  • How difficult was it to get started

Please make sure that all stories/contributions and small business tips should be in your own unique words and not copied from any other sources. Please also note that main reason for your contribution should be to genuinely help other people.

Choose Your Category and Contribute

Contribute Here If You Are a Stay at Home Mum or Dad.  Add your tips for working at home and or around the children

Contribute Your MLM Or Other Business Opportunity- Include your MLM experiences , what tips, details can you share with people to help them on their way. Has MLM worked for you?

Contribute Here If You Have Internet Business Experience - This includes ebay, affiliate marketing, Adsense and web based business experiences.

Contribute Here If You Have a Low Cost Business Experience - This can include any business that requires little or not much start up capital.

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