LPG Bain Marie
For Mobile Catering

A LPG Bain Marie comprises of 1, 2, and 3+ separate gastronorm pans (compartments) which sits in a water filled tank, which is then heated up to the desired temperature.

What ever food is placed in these compartments will also heat up to the required temperature via a thermostat.

The idea is to keep cooked food hot and at a temperature which keeps bacteria at bay, or above 63°

Do I Need A Bain Marie?

It’s not an essential, but it’s a nice piece of equipment to own, its main use is catering for large events and serving many people all at once such as football matches, markets and shows. If you plan on doing many of these larger events you might want to consider investing in this piece of equipment.

Uses for a LPG  Bain Marie

It gives you the option to pre cook a quantity of food until such time that you need it. One example of this might be that you have a mad rush at breakfast or lunch time and are expecting a lot of people.

With a Bain Marie you have the option to cook a larger amount of food say 10-20 burgers, sausages, and eggs and keep them warm by placing them in the Bain Marie. When your customers turn up for some food it’s hot and ready to serve, no need to reheat.

Bain Marie Maintenance

This piece of equipment is very straightforward and easy to maintain when finished using each gastronorm pan at the end of the day, simply wash out thoroughly; dry and you’re done. In the interest of hygiene it is also recommended that you change the water in the tank, but make sure that the water has cooled down sufficiently before you attempt this.

Finally if you are mobile with your unit and driving to your location, you will have to empty some of the water from the Bain Marie otherwise it’s liable to spill out and onto the floor.

LPG Bain Marie For Sale

A selection of LPG Baine Marie for sale is available for you below on the eBay. Have a look at the prices and see if you can bag yourself a bargain. Here you can also see the different gastronorm sizes, (pot sizes) which will give you an idea of size and dimensions.

Please also bear in mind when buying any second-hand equipment. All appliances  should have the CE mark and be fit for use in your catering business. Items may be cheaper but if you can't use them after the purchase - walk away. Check before you make the purchae.  If you don't want to take the risk,  consider buying a new commercial grade Baine Marie. It may prove to be a lot less hassle.

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