Ice Cream Van Insurance 
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As in any other business, getting ice cream van insurance is absolutely vital for your peace of mind. Once you have zeroed in on the ice cream van business, you will have to consider the logistics of the business and assess its viability.

After you have determined what kind of ice cream you plan to sell and where you want to sell it and after you have purchased or leased a mobile van to do so, you will need to consider getting ice cream van insurance. Much as most of us do not like dealing with insurance, it is an important aspect not just for business but in our personal lives too.

Ice Cream Van Insurance: Public Liability Insurance

When considering catering insurance license, keep in mind that by law, you must have public liability insurance to deal with claims made against you and your business. There is every possibility that something could go wrong with the storage containers that hold your product; for example they could have shut down and restarted and you were unaware of it.

This could seriously put many of your customers at risk of food poisoning. Several other factors could cause your product to go bad or it could become contaminated.

For these unintentional incidents, your public liability insurance will help you to protect against claims for huge amounts of money. This type of insurance is usually in the £5m to £10m range. If your vehicle does any property damage to a home or another vehicle, your public liability insurance will help you deal with this situation.

Insurance For Your Ice Cream Van:
Employers Liability Insurance

If you are starting out with no other employees, you will not necessarily need this type of insurance when looking for your ice cream van insurance. However, if you have someone who will be working for you, no matter where, you will need to have this type of coverage to help protect you and the company from a claims made by an employee.

While it is very rare to have claims filed in this category, when they do happen, they can be very expensive. An employee may injure himself or herself while working in the ice cream van and you will be responsible. If the damage is serious as might be from an accident with another vehicle, the employee might seek a large settlement.

Your employer's liability insurance will help you to deal with this problem and others you cannot plan for. If you hire some people for temporary help during your busy seasons, this policy can provide you with protection for the casual worker as well.

Just be sure to ask exactly what is provided as part of the policy as each insurance company can differ in what they offer. An adequate policy will cover £10m or more. Many insurance companies will provide your public and employer's liability insurance as a package deal.

Ice Cream Van Insurance:
Products Liability Insurance

Sometimes you will need to purchase a separate products liability insurance policy to cover issues such as food poisoning. You should check to see exactly what your public liability insurance covers when you begin to shop around. Most insurance companies will provide £10m coverage in this area.

Shop Around For Ice Cream Van Insurance

Now that you are a little more familiar with the different insurances available, you will need to shop around to find one that will provide you with all the coverage you are required to have and the insurance you want to have.

Many companies specialize in policies for businesses that provide mobile catering to the public. This is often the best place to begin your search as these organizations usually offer better rates and coverage, as this is what their business will focus on.

Check around with different companies and do not just pick the first one you find. Once you get a quote, be sure to see if another company can match or beat it and you will be well onto your way to getting the best insurance for your new venture.

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