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A chip fryer can do a lot more than just chips for instance other foods can easily be cooked like: chicken burgers, apple pies, fish, veggie burgers and almost anything else you want.

You can use a fryer to cook both frozen and non frozen foods offering your customers a wider choice of foods.

How To Use a LPG Fryer

Very simply turn the gas on, choose the thermostat setting (this regulates how hot the oil is) ignite the burners and wait for the cooking oil to heat up.

When the oil reaches the desired temperature merely add your chips or (what ever food you are frying) into the chip basket, slowly lowering the basket into the hot oil. When the chips are done simply tip into a chip scuttle (this equipment keeps chips warm) or use a large deep baking tray with some grease proof paper.

Maintenance and Cleaning of LPG/Gas Fryer

When the cooking oil in the fryer becomes dark in color or black change the oil immediately, at this point the oil has seen better days. If you don’t change the oil your chips or other food will taste of oil and your customers won’t appreciate it and the fryer will start smoking while it's hot.

Use a good quality cooking oil to ensure a longer frying life as the cheaper cooking oils don’t last as long.To get the most out of the cooking oil, don't over heat oil by having it hotter than it needs to be for cooking your food, always follow the manufactures cooking instructions and temperatures.

Change LPG/Gas Fryer Oil

The best time to clean your fryer is when you change the oil, so you can do everything at the same time. Start by draining all of the oil from your fryer and replace with water and a small amount of washing up liquid.

Start up the fryer and when the water gets very hot (bubbles up) turn off and use a light scouring pad to remove baked on grease. Drain-Flush-Drain-Flush with water until all grease deposits have disappeared -then refill with fresh oil.

LPG Fryers for Sale

Below is a selection of LPG fryers for sale that may interest you, take into account that there are few different types of fryers including standing fryers, table top fryers and the normal twin basket fryers.

When choosing your fryer make sure to consider what kind of food you will be serving: mainly chips or other foods and get a fryer with the capacity to accomplish the task. Check before you make a purchase that all equipment has the CE mark and is suitable for commercial catering. If you prefer to buy new equipment check out this range of commercial catering fryers.

I hope you have found this information helpful. If you have any questions please get in touch or why not browse through some questions that others have asked and ask your own.

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