Mobile Catering Equipment Guide

There are many different types of mobile catering equipment that you can use to increase profits and efficiency. It also gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a broader range of foods e.g. fryer to make chips, or an oven to bake fresh baguettes.

We aim to introduce you to most commonly used catering equipment and also give you a brief description of each appliance which will include the: 

  • Main purpose of equipment
  • Tips and advice
  • Additional information
  • Equipment for sale

This will give you the chance to get to know the different types of mobile catering equipment and have a better idea of which equipment performs what task. You should then be able to decide which pieces of catering equipment you may want to include in your own mobile catering trailer. The menu you offer will play a big role in the type of equipment needed.

LPG and Electrical Equipment – Considerations

We make special emphasis on using LPG equipment as opposed to electric equipment simply because its more efficent and in most cases cheapr. Additionally there are fewer problems associated with using LPG equipment in your business.

Electrical appliances will need a generator which can be expensive and noisy compared to using purely LPG appliances and equipment.

If your catering vehicle has both gas and electric installed you will need to have a separate test certificate, one for LPG gas appliances and another for any electric appliances.

Also each electric appliance e.g. toaster, kettle, or sandwich maker will also need a separate P.A.T. portable appliance test. So if it’s not too late I suggest you try and make sure all your catering equipment is running on LPG.

Mobile Catering Equipment for Sale

After purchasing my first mobile catering truck/van. I really didn't have a clue what catering equipment was needed. Luckily the vehicle did come with a griddle, water boiler (tea earn) chip fryer, and fridge but I didn't know how to use or maintain any of the equipment.

The images links below will provide you with an overview and include some basic information and a few ideas that you should find useful. You will also have the chance to see these individual items for sale at the end of each description in case you wanted to check out some prices.

Ebay & Second-hand LPG Catering Equipment.

At the time I  purchased additional catering equipment from eBay, and in the process, managing to save a few hundred pounds. However, there is a risk that equipment may not be safe to use and many people get duped into buying catering equipment that is in fact dangerous.

Obviously, do your research and compare prices but generally, a lot of the items are in good working order, and I have personally never had any problems. However,  do take the time to do some due diligence before you buy. All equipment will need the CE mark. Without it, any catering equipment will not be fit for purpose. Also,  if it's second-hand make sure it has a valid test certificate from a qualified  LPG engineer. In this way, you know its safe to use. If it doesn't walk away.

Buying New Catering Equipment

Buying new catering equipment is always the best option, mostly all equipment is backed with a  warranty and some type of manufactures guarantee. You have the reassurance its safe to use and will be CE marked. Recent developments means there also many options to help financially if you don't have the money upfront. A lot of sites selling catering equipment offer interest free periods and  leasing options to help spread the cost of catering equipment.  

If you are seeking catering equipment, please check the mobile catering equipment range here

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