Importance Of Having A Good Gas Fridge
For Mobile Catering

A Gas fridge is vital for you to store all of your “must keep” chilled cooking ingredients for the day. Keeping your milk cool and fresh, your meats such as sausages, bacon, and burgers cool and at the right temperature to prevent the growth of food poisoning bacteria is vital.

Important Record Fridge Temperatures

It is very important that you have a good fridge that holds temperature throughout the day, especially during the summer time. If you are trading anywhere now days it’s very important for you to also keep a record of the daily fridge temperatures. The results are written and recorded in a daily log and kept by you.

Actual Gas/LPG Fridge Temperatures

Fridge temperatures should be at 8°C or below, ideally it’s suggested that your gas/LPG fridge be between 0-4°C and the freezer part of your fridge (top section) operate at -18°C or below.

It is also a good idea to get a fridge thermometer which attaches on the outside of your fridge to let you know the temperature inside the fridge at a glance. I use to have one on my fridge with an alarm built into it, so that when the temperature dropped the alarm would sound

Gas Fridge/Electric Fridge

Some gas fridges come with dual electric and gas so when you get you food trailer/van home you can plug it straight into the mains; this saves you having to take everything out of the fridge. If you get around to it, try and get yourself a fridge lock so that the door does not fly open when you are driving your food trailer/van.

Cleaning Your Gas/LPG Fridge

Not much to say about this apart from clean your fridge regularly by using some soapy water to wipe out the fridge or a mixture of water and vinegar is supposed to work wonders so I’ve been told.

Also be aware of surprised visits from environmental health officers who will want to see inside of your fridge so make sure you store all your meats (or high risk foods)at the bottom of your fridge.

Gas Fridges For Sale

Below is a selection of gas/electric type fridges for sale which may be of interest to you. Consider what size the fridge will need to be for the business. Does it need to hold a range of drinks for the summertime trading? Customers hate warm drinks in the summer so this may be something for you to consider. Ice cold drinks is also a good seasonal selling point  

If you need a fridge for mobile catering, it's good to consider an LPG fridge or dual fuel, which runs on both LPG/Electric. This would be a better choice since it's efficient and more economical to run. Electrical fridges are fine, but you will then have to purchase a decent LPG Generator.

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