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Be Your Own Boss With An Ice Cream Van Business

Starting a ice cream van business gives you the unprecedented opportunity to earn money while reliving the carefree days of your childhood. As a child, you probably remember those warm days when you would hear the tinkling music that let you know the ice cream vendor was coming around the corner with his many delectable ice cream treats.

You and your siblings would join the other neighbourhood kids and wait in eager anticipation to see who would be the first to hear this sound. Dashing over to the van once it came to a halt, you could pick and choose whatever flavour you wanted to savour for that day. As you licked your last lick, the only think you looked forward to, was being at the same place, same time the next day.

If you love children and are ready to become your own boss, starting your own ice cream van business is a wonderful idea. When you run your own ice cream van business, You can decide what you will sell, where you want to sell it, and how much to sell it for.

You can set your own hours and answer only to yourself and your customers. To begin, you need to consider a few steps that will help you to be more successful.

Preparation Phase for an Ice-Cream Van Business

Whatever business you decide to get into, whether it is an ice-cream van business or any other, everyone who wants to be successful will need to make plans.You do not want to just buy the equipment and your product and go out and sell. You will not be successful if you do not consider a few pertinent aspects.

Are you going to sell hard or soft ice cream products? Each will require different types of equipment and may have different costs associated with the equipment. How long will it take to serve the soft ice cream?

Time is an important aspect to consider. Do you have a business plan in place? Have you considered what your business will do when it gets cold? Many questions will need to be answered before you make your move.

Legal Aspects of Running an Ice Cream Van Business

The laws and regulations concerning running an ice cream van business are a very important area that you need to concentrate on once you have made your initial plans. You will have to register your ice cream van business and the van itself.

Depending on what hours you wish to operate, you may need an entertainment license. You will need public liability insurance to protect your business. For those who plan to have someone else help with the business, he or she will need employee liability insurance as well.

A number of other government agencies will have to contacted to let them know of your employment status, how much money you anticipate making, and a food safety system will be required.

Equipment Necessary for an Ice-Cream Business

A great deal of equipment is available for your ice cream van business. You will have to consider whether to purchase new equipment or if you should buy second-hand equipment (used equipment). Each has benefits and disadvantages to a new entrepreneur.

Another problem to consider is how to store the ice cream and all the accessories that go with it. You will also have to be equipped and knowledgeable about how to dispose of the bad ice cream as required by the law. Certain types of equipment can help you with this situation.

Advertising your Ice Cream Van Business

You have done everything now, you need to get the ball rolling on your ice-cream van business. However, you will need some form of advertising to help your business make money and to expand it in the future. This might entail picking out a highly visible van that is decorated to attract the eye of everyone you pass.

Bright colours and possibly a giant ice cream cone on the vehicle might be some of the choices you consider. You will also have to determine if you need to do direct mail flyers to your target market to let them know you are around. Please also read more info on ice cream van insurance

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