The Benefits Of Catering Liability Insurance

What You Need To Know About Catering Liability Insurance

Underestimating the importance of liability catering insurance, could turn out to be a grave mistake. Think of caterers liability insurance as an umbrella. It would be quite foolish for you to go out in a rainstorm, without some form of protection from the elements.

You could use an umbrella or perhaps a good waterproof coat and hat to protect you from getting wet. Just like the umbrella or raincoat, catering liability insurance provides you with a form of protection against those things that you cannot predict and have no control over.

Legal Aspects of Caterers Liability Insurance

Catering insurance is required by law for any mobile catering business, just as it is required for a plethora of other concerns. The government is not trying to tell you what to do when you require liability insurance. Even though many people may feel that it is doing so, the government is actually looking out for two groups, the public and you.

Yes, that is right, your government made liability insurance a requirement to help protect the public from accidental harm, that they had no control over and it wants to help your business. If your catering vehicle hurts someone, he or she could file a claim that could bankrupt your organization.

No matter what size your company may be, small or large, it usually cannot survive a claim that involves large sums of money. If you have just begun your business, you usually do not have the funds held in reserve for dealing with such a situation. If you do have the funds, wouldn’t it be better to spend on growing your company than paying for a claim?

For this reason and many others, the government has made it a law that you have to carry liability insurance on your catering vehicle. Now if you are unfortunate enough to have a situation arise that causes you to deal with an injury or some other type of claim, you have someone on your side to help you.

Benefits of Catering Liability Insurance

When you have caterers liability insurance, your success is directly linked to the profitability of the insurance company. Think of the insurance company as your partner, who has access to a great deal of resources that you would not normally have. An insurance company will investigate any claim filed against you to make sure that fraud is not involved.

They may use special investigators to collect information to ensure the claim is real. You would not have the resources to mount such an investigation on your own. Insurance policies are designed to help you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Without this help, you would probably face serious problems and possibly have to close your business. Legal expenses can be enormous, and your policy may help you to keep these costs down. Let your insurance company fight for you.

The Public

Another good reason for the implementation of caterers liability insurance on your trailer is that in the event that your property is involved with someone else or his or her property, the individual is protected from loss.

If your company could not afford to fix another person's vehicle that had been involved in an accident with your trailer and it was not their fault, how would they get their property back to the state it was in before? It is not their fault and they should not have to suffer just because of  some business that damaged their property and could not afford to cover the costs.

Also, it's important  to note, that most event organisers and  landlords, will require you to have at least a basic level of insurance to operate on their pitch, so it's not something that you can really avoid getting if you plan on making any serious income from mobile catering. Why not browse other people's questions on

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