LPG Water Boiler - Tea Earn

Great for making many different types of hot drinks

This piece of equipment is priceless and everyone expects you to have it, in the form of a hot cup of tea, coffee and hot drinking chocolate for those cold frosty mornings.

People will try out your service by sampling your cup of tea or the cheapest item on the menu before moving on to snacks and food. If you can master making a great cup of tea you’ll be off to a flying start as word of mouth is the best form of advertising (The first Item I ever sold on my first day of business was a cup of tea)

LPG Water Boiler Uses

The tea earn, water boiler is priceless and it will be an important part of any catering business. The water boiler provides large quantities of piping hot water to make those tasty cups of tea, coffee and hot drinking chocolate. It's especially useful for those cold frosty mornings. This equipment alone is very lucrative and simple to use. It’s amazing how having the ability to provide a great tasting hot drink can be the start of building the foundation for your business.

How To Use a LPG/Gas Water Boiler.

This item is very easy to use just like boiling water at home but in a much bigger kettle. Start by turning the gas on in your catering trailer-truck-van, ignite the tea earn and simply pour in some water and leave to boil. When the water has boiled, turn down the gas to simmer and then pull small lever to release hot water into the cup.

These come in a variety of sizes which can hold from 5-8-10 gallons of water. I started off with a 20L (approx 5 gallons) water boiler which was sufficient. As you make more hot drinks throughout the day the water levels drops so top up the water boiler as you go along.

How to Maintain & Clean
a LPG/Gas Water Boiler

Your water boiler depending on how hard the water is in your region will suffer from lime scale build up; just like your kettle at home does. Treat it in the same way as you would your kettle at home by using a   good descaler and make sure to do this regularly to keep you hot drinks tasting great. Make sure to flush through the water boiler a few times to get all of the descaler solution out.

LPG Water Boilers For Sale

That’s about it with out making it too boring, below are a few LPG water boilers for sale on the eBay. Or if you prefer to play it safe, why not invest in a new commercial catering water boiler

For Mobile Catering

The 20 ltr LPG gas boiler is the perfect choice for food trailers, catering vans and event for market stalls,  fetes and much more. If you need a reliable option for your catering vehicle or outside catering event, the Burco water boiler is specifically created for the mobile caterer.

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