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Annual Profit & Loss Excel Template

Discover the true costs of a running mobile catering business!

This simple to use working profit and loss worksheet will help you work out what it will cost to run/set-up a mobile catering business. Calculate the monthly outgoings and see the real running cost for each month.

Work out the fixed and variable costs associated with running YOUR business. This easy to use template allows you to enter your information and the sheet will calculate the total, giving you a clear indication of the monthly running costs. It also comes with a helpful example sheet to show you how it’s done, with pop up help boxes!  See image below.

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As you can see all the necessary fields have been inserted for you, all you have to do is enter the amount you need calculated. Easily include other headings to be calculated if needed. So for instance if you wanted to work out how much the monthly rent, stock, LPG gas, business rates, loans, stock, wages etc comes to in total, just enter those figures to see how much your total outgoings will amount to for the month.

If you want to pay a wage of £1000, £1500, £2000 per month this will show you a breakdown of all the costs involved, and what you need to earn to pay yourself a wage. This is a great way to get an overview and breakdown of the financial costs for the business.  Don't launch your business without knowing what it's going to cost you. This simple to use and understand profit and loss template will give you a clear understanding.

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