Why Should You Consider Using a
Business Phone Number

Using a business phone number is an inexpensive but essential tool to help portray a professional business image. This is a service which I’ve found very useful for running any mobile and home based businesses.

So what’s It All About?

In simple terms, you choose and rent a business phone number; this number becomes you main point of contact. When customers call your designated number it get’s diverted to either your mobile or landline phone, which means you don’t have to give out any personal phone numbers.  

What’s Are Some Of The Other Benefits?

I use this service for my business and especially the “whisper’’ function which is really cool. What this does is when someone calls your business number, your mobile or landline rings, but as soon as you answer the call it then tells you if it’s a business call or personal call - giving you the opportunity to answer the call appropriately.

Before using this service, I would carry 2 phones with me, one for business and the other for my personal use. Now I  just have one phone which is a huge saving and a lot less hassle. This is really a great low cost solution for an important part of the business.  

The key benefits for having and using a specific business phone number for your business are:

  • It helps you answer calls more professionally
  • Add it to your website, business cards, menu etc
  • If you work from home, you'll know if each call is personal or business related
  • Ideal for monitoring advertising/marketing campaigns
  • Route the call to any number you want
  • State working hours so that it does not ring after business hours
  • Set up a voicemail, receive an email with voice mail attached
  • When  receiving a call on your mobile, you'll know if it is a business call or your mum calling you
  •  Perfect if you operate more than one brand or company
  • Use your own mobile phone, no need to carry 2 phones
  • Low cost solution

These are some of the main benefits, but there are a lot more. It really is a low cost solution and one that I use myself, so I can vouch for the service, quality and cost.

Why not take the opportunity to try this service out for yourself,  please sign up below for a free 30 day trial, and for more information.

Business Phone Service

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