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The importance of mobile catering trailer security

If you own and operate a food trailer, concession stand of any type of mobile trailer one of the biggest worries is the possibility of having it stolen. Now you may be thinking it won’t happen to you, but a friend of mine also thought the same thing until someone towed it  away in the early hours one morning, never to be seen again.

That why now is a good time to put some thought and invest in proper and effective trailer security, otherwise you could end up paying ultimate price which is not a nice thought.

What Types of Catering Trailer Security Measures Should I Be Taking?

There are many different types of security measures that you can put into effect for your catering trailer. These vary from hitch locks, security alarms, GPS trackers, wheel locks etc that can quickly and easily be installed onto your food trailer. 

These are discussed in more detail below.

Hitch lock – This basically locks the trailer main towing system so that someone else with a suitable vehicle can’t just turn up, attach your catering trailer onto the back of their vehicle and then drive off with it. A good hitch lock system should do a good job of stopping the thief or at least slowing them down

Use GPS tracker – This is a recovery option for when the trailer has already been stolen and you want to track it. This option allows you to then pass on this information to the police to find and hopefully recover the trailer. There are some professional companies that provide this service or you can also buy a GPS kits where you can install and track yourself. With modern technologies it’s now even possible to use current smart phones to alert and track the trailer if it gets stolen.

Security post – this is probably good for when you are storing the trailer overnight at home or a similar suitable place. The security post is cemented into the floor to securely prevent someone towing the trailer away. You may not be able to install this yourself unless you are any good at making cement.

Decent locks on doors and hatch – The standard catering trailer comes with a basic door lock, so consider fitting an extra pad lock or two to the main door. Also check the inside hatch lock is secure, can you do anything to bolster this lock? Vandals will usually try and gain access by forcing or bending the serving hatch open from the outside in a bid to steal equipment or cause damage.

Wheel lock – This prevents the wheels on the trailer from turning similar to having you car  clamped and making it almost impossible to move the trailer without removing the clamp. The clamp is only good as its lock so opt for a high quality wheel lock. There are many to choose from and you should also make sure that you read reviews if possible before making your final selection.

Make sure the lock is easy to store and fit or you might not bother using it. Some wheel locks give access to the wheel nuts which means the wheel can then be removed and the wheel lock becomes useless - so do your homework before you make a decision.

Alarm systems – These are always useful to have installed on the catering trailer as it can be used to alert people in the surrounding areas with a nice audible alarm or flashing lights if required. Some come with a vibration sensor so if anyone attempt to tow, rock, shake or gain access, the alarm is immediately triggered. These can also be configured to send a text, email or alert you via your smart phone.

Additional Steps For Peace Of Mind

It’s always a good idea to take a few good quality images of the catering trailer from different angles. Also make a note of any markings or distinctive features that are only know to you which will make it easier to identify.

Note the chassis plate details or security markings so that it can be handed over to the police or insurance company. It’s also worth taking a few images of the inside of the trailer including any equipment inside. Some people also mark the roof of their trailer so that it can be easily identified by roadside cameras and for further identification.

Is Catering Trailer Security Really
That Necessary?

Mobile catering security is truly necessary in this day and age! Consider all the items, products, and equipment that are stored inside your food trailer over night. A vandal or thief could break into you trailer and steal all of these items or damage them beyond repair.

For some of you such an event may mean the closure of your mobile catering business altogether, unless you can rent another food vehicle. Even if you are insured you will definitely experience a price hike in your insurance due to such an event. Not to mention the hassle and inconvenience it would cause to your working day, earnings and loss of work.

The idea is to make it as difficult as possible or deter them from stealing your food trailer. Using one of the security options will probably not be enough but a few together will certainly make any thief think twice.

I’ve just listed a few of the main reasons why catering trailer security is so important to anyone who owns and operates a food trailer. So please don’t leave it too late, take all necessary precautions to protect your trailer with proper catering trailer security that will give you some piece of mind and keep the business running. If you have further questions please contact me

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