Catering Trailer Wheel Clamps
Keeping Your Business Secure

There are many elements of a food trailer that you must consider when it comes to proper storage, safety, and security. One of the most overlooked safety and security precautions that trailer owners overlook is the use of wheel clamps.

These are a very important element that will actually keep your trailer safe and secure while it is being occupied by workers, but that will also keep your trailer more secure from general theft.

With that in mind you should go out of your way to acquire wheel clamps for your trailer so that you can truly protect your investment, protect your workers, and keep everyone around your food trailer safe as well

How Do Wheel Clamps For Trailers Work?

When your trailer is not hooked up to a vehicle and is in use you will need to be sure that the tires are secured and in place. This way your food trailer will not be able to roll. Though you may depend on the weight at the end of the trailer without wheels to hold your food trailer in place, you should make use of wheel clamps to give your trailer more added stability.

Many trailer owners will simply place rocks or wooden pegs beneath their trailer wheels to keep it from moving. However, these types of elements can easily be moved or removed by people around your trailer.

This could put your workers in danger if the trailer would begin to move, or even people who may be standing outside of your trailer. If someone is injured due to this type of instability you could be faced with a costly lawsuit that could cost you your entire business.

Wheel clamps are covers that easily go onto your tires and prevent them from rolling in any direction. They simply lock your tires down and keep them secure. You can additionally make use of locks on these clamps in order to make your trailer unmovable. This is just extra added security if you are storing your trailer at an open event wherein you are fearful of having your trailer stolen.

If you use general security alarms and locks on the doors and windows of your trailer you are already one step in the right direction of truly protecting your food trailer from theft.

When you add wheel clamps to this equation you are truly making your trailer theft proof! This is one of the main reasons why more and more people are seeking out wheel clamps for their food trailers.

What To Look For In Wheel Clamps
For Your Food Trailer

The first thing you should consider when seeking out wheel clamps is the size of your food trailer wheels. You will want to acquire clamps that are made to work with the size of tire that you currently have on your trailer. If you purchase clamps that are larger or smaller than your tires, your clamps will do little good in protecting your tires and will most likely not operate properly.

The second thing you should consider is reputation. Only purchase those wheel clamps that come from companies who have a strong reputation when it comes to quality products and services. You want to make sure that the clamps that you choose are safe and have been proven to carry out the job which they were designed for.

This is very important if you want to ensure the safety and security of your food trailer. Don’t just trust the first name in wheel clamps that you come across. Research the manufacturer to ensure that they are top rated and that they actually back up their wheel clamps with satisfaction guarantees and warranties.

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