Catering Trailer Alarms

Understanding why catering trailer alarms can be a  crucial prevention tool for your food trailer business

When you invest money in a food trailer and begin operating such a business you will want to take all necessary precautions to protect your investment.  This includes seeking out and installing trailer alarms that will keep your catering trailer protected and safe when you are not around.

The problem is that many food trailer owners will simply not concern themselves with acquiring such alarms. These individuals simply rely on the padlocks on their trailer doors and windows to get the job done.

They also rely on their trailer insurance as a fall back if something were to happen to their trailer and it was broken into.  However, have you ever considered how long it actually takes for a food trailer claim to be processed and to be approved before you receive money back through your insurance company.

In most cases it can take up to 6 weeks or longer for such claims to go through. Many claims are held up for months. This could cost you a great deal of money that you will not be able to get back even from your insurance company. This could put you in the “poor house” and could ultimately force you to shut down your business altogether.

This is why you must seek out and install trailer alarms in your trailer in order to truly and effectively protect your lively hood. Additionally, insurance companies are more apt to speedily process your claim if you can prove that you have had an alarm installed in your trailer. With all of these reasons in mind you have no excuse or no reason not to seek out such alarms for your catering trailer.

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What Type Of Catering Trailer Alarms
& Security Should I Consider?

There are two main types of alarms that you can purchase for your food trailer. The first type of alarm is known as a professional alarm system. These are systems that are professionally installed by third party organizations.

These types of alarms are generally expensive but are very effective. These alarms usually have trigger points all around the doors and windows of your trailer. If these trigger points are opened when the alarm is set a siren will sound and the alarm service will be notified. They will then contact the proper authorities to inform them that there is a theft in progress.

The second type of alarm that you can consider is simple to install window and door alarms that are battery powered and that you can install on your own. These are very common alarms but are not very effective.

The idea is for the alarm to sound when doors or windows are opened but these alarms do not notify the police and are very easy to shut off by anyone who may be breaking into your food trailer. This is why it is always best to go with option number one when it comes to truly protecting your food trailer with trailer alarms.

Making Use Of Alarm Trackers
On Your Food Trailer

Regardless of what type of alarm that you choose you should consider seeking out security trackers. These are small devices that can strategically be positioned in discreet areas of your food trailer that can’t easily be spotted.

If your trailer is stolen you can contact the tracker company and they can actually tell you where your food trailer is. These types of security tracking devices are becoming more and more popular and have assisted thousands upon thousands of food trailer owners in quickly finding their stolen property. No matter what type of food trailer that you own you should seek out an effective alarm system that also comes equipped with tracking devices.

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