Inverter vs Generator

by Helen


I am converting my own van and have got my coffee machine all lined up and a route sorted, but struggling to get my head round power for it.

I am looking for advice to decide between an inverter and a generator. I need something which will power a 2800w coffee machine, 60w fridge, 100w grinder and a flo pump about 100w. I will be working for about 5 hrs on and off on a normal day. Would this stand up to that please? I would be warming up the coffee machine on my house electrics and also keeping the fridge plugged in over night at home.

Hope you can help

Many thanks

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Apr 14, 2015
Powering Your Coffee Machine
by: Brian

Hello Helen.

Most mobile coffee businesses I know and carry out work for use an lpg fraction duel fuel machine as mobile, it is difficult to transport a generator that large.

Running costs are lower too. However if this is not an option for you, the only other choice will be a generator, if you can get an LPG generator(4-5kv) then this will keep the running costs lower as opposed to petrol/diesel.

Also, bear in mind that some event organisers will not allow you to use a diesel/petrol generator due to safety and ground contamination concerns.

The following posts are also helpful with regards to using an inverter

Using an Inverter

Best way to power an onboard fridge

Finally, this is the link the LPG fraction dual machine for you information.

Best of luck,

PS. Get my free BASIC guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Or for a more in-depth, comprehensive start consider trying the

Mobile Catering Start-Up Pack

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