The Best Way To Power On-Board Built In Refrigerator

by matt

Hi there love your site, so very helpful. I recently purchased a second hand catering van in which all the equipment is run off of propane except for the in-built fridge. Im currently looking at purchasing a honda ex7 silent generator is this suitable and are there any/better alternatives. Many thanks

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Apr 04, 2014
by: louise

I found your comment interesting about using an inverter as someone else had advised me to get one, but I am a bit confuse how to work one as I have been told it would need to run off my car battery so am not sure how this works?? Any help is much appreciated.

Mar 31, 2014
by: Annette


We've decided not to use a generator, to cut down on the hassle and because we couldn't afford one. We took David's advice from here and only have minimal electrical equipment (catering fridge, water pump and light). Instead we are using 3 leisure batteries (gives us approx 10 hours) and an inverter, which can be housed inside the van (in a cupboard). At night we'll be charging the batteries, and plugging the fridge into the mains at home.

We are just about to go out trading, so hope it all works!

Mar 14, 2014
Power On-Board Built In Refrigerator
by: Brian

Hello Matt

Honda are a well trusted brand, but choose a model that will cover the following considerations.

Ensure the generator is adequately rated to run all equipment you have now and some in hand for future new items. It should be light enough for staff to handle, engrave your name and postcode to deter theft, padlock it to something while in use.

Site the generator in use well away from gas equipment and bottles, paying attention that exhaust gases do not come into the trailer working area, use it also in a position where the public will not interfere or where vehicles will collide with it.

People are increasingly using lpg fuelled generators as events are conscious of fuel spills and ground contamination.

A yearly service with a generator specialist - I use a local garden equipment supplier will cover your compliance obligations - generators whether gas, petrol or diesel are primarily covered under portable work equipment regulations.

Write petrol on the fuel tank, my wife wiped out a lawn mower and our generator putting diesel in them, we only discovered this after the new £250 replacement lawn mower packed up too.

Hope this help,


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