Crepe Trailer Business Newbie Looking for Advice

by Gill

Hi Guys,

I stumbled across this site & so thankful i did, there's so much info. I'm a complete beginner here, so forgive the questions if they've already been answered. Wondering if i could get some advice?

The dream is to set up a Crepe trailer business here in a popular student/tourist town. I have perfected my Crepe mix, got my Food Hygiene Level 2 cert, raised £8500 & looking toward taking the B & E test. I have been in touch with the local farmers market as id like to keep my full time job & if accepted work this at the weekend firstly to start out. The dream is to get a pitch full-time if this works out well.

My dilemma is there are not a lot of Crepe trailers around & I'm thinking I'll have to buy a small/medium trailer & get the crepe griddles & any other equipment needed installed. I will also have to buy a new car to tow with as my current car is too small.

In your experience would it be possible to get the car, trailer & griddles installed on my budget or should i hold off & keep saving?

Thanks in advance :)

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crepe trailor
by: Anonymous

Hi, gill good luck with your venture. I have seen a few crepe "tents" at events I have been to. they consist of a gazebo , tables and 2 griddles on a stand.

You also need a generator to feed the griddles. if you do it this way you might be able to set up etc for well under 8k. don't forget your insurance.

Have a look at some local farmers markets or outside weekly markets near where you live and have a chat with the people who are set up there. Don't forget business rates either you might need to look into these.

There is another good site you could look at called enterprise nation who might be able to give you some advice, and if you put mobile catering opportunities into google it will give you other websites to look at.

I cant remember off the top of my head what they are called but they are there. if you need more info you can message me on Facebook. Also, try to get in touch with local events, summer fetes, races, fun days and shows that happen in the summer i.e Appleby fair to inquire about setting up at that event.

Costs for each event vary greatly so consider carefully all the best.


Crepe Trailer Business Newbie
by: David

Hi Gill,

Good to hear from you. If you were just planning on starting with the crepes business as far as I know there is not much other equipment needed, just the crepe griddles, tray to keep the crepes warm and various light equipment/utensils. So the main cost will probably be the trailer itself/generator.

You should be able to pick up a small trailer with/without crepe griddle (these are around £200-£250 each) get any good LPG engineer can fit them for you. You can also buy a small 8ft trailer for around £3-4K, get it vehicle wrapped, and add the equipment with car for £8k or below.

It just depends on what you have in mind. Also, with a crepe business these do well in busy town centre, shopping parades etc. I’ve also seen complete crepe carts for £2-3k+, these don’t require a towing vehicle and just have normal small wheels. So do you do have some options to think about.

Also you may find this simple working Profit and Loss Template helpful in calculation all cost associated with the business

You may also find this post helpful:

Starting small crepe business

There are also some crepe startup packages here which may prove helpful.

Best of luck and let me know how it goes and

PS. Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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