Starting My Own Small Creperie Business

by Dob

I am planning to start my own small creperie business. Initially, it will be run at car boots and farmer markets and I will be keeping all the equipment on portable table/tables rather than selling from a van or a trailer.

I will be using gas supply and obviously need a license for it. Having written a lot of helpful info and advice here, my understanding is that I will also need a food and hygiene level 2 certificate and probably do not need to contact the local council as I am not planning to sell on the streets etc?

I would not be able to find more info about creperie trading in your web site and even my presumption is that it should be similar to the other small food businesses as hot dogs, burgers etc. I will be pleased if you could let me know about the licences/permits I need to possess prior I start trading?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

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Nov 02, 2012
Crepe Business
by: David

Hi Dob,

As far as I am aware if you are just using the one LPG appliance and one bottle of gas you may not need to get a LPG certificate, but please do check to before you start.

As for contacting the local council, I think that it’s something you should do because you are still selling food to the general public, so the council will want to know that the food you prepare and sell is safe.

At least contact them to find out where you stand as they will be able to give you more accurate advice on licences and permits.

As for a food and hygiene certificate I would opt for a level 2 certificate as this will cover you for everything and more. The local council will also want to make sure that you have this certificate.

Also, this type of business is a similar set up to a mobile catering trailers or that’s really different is that instead of a griddle or fryer as you main cooking equipment you would use a crepe machine (plate) instead. You may also find this post on starting a pancake business helpful, not exactly the same I know, but it may prove a little helpful to you.

Best of luck,

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