What Certificates Do I Need For A Mobile Catering Milkshake Van

by mike
(cambridgeshire , uk)

Hi everyone, just a few questions

I want to set up a mobile milkshake truck , it will have a split relay with leisure batteries to power the electrics , only equipment I need is the mixers, and a fridge to store milk (i take it i need them pat tested) is first question

Also I did a essential food hygiene test a few years back so I guess it isn't valid anymore? How often do you need to renew them, or would my old one still count?

Basically I am asking if I am only doing the milkshakes as such do I actually need one.

They are powder based, just add milk, but do use squirty cream and toppings

What are the rules regarding just selling drinks as such and serving no food?

I know I need to talk to council etc if want to set up in the park ,and after reading your other topics found it useful that I don't need a license if at a car boot etc so thanks for that

Regards mike

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Pat testing
by: exBBC

Their is a common misconception that you need to have equipment PAT tested, by someone else - you dont.

As an ex engineer & BBC trained PAT tester I can tell you that if you are competent person you can self assess.

Your responsibility comes from the fact that the law does require employers, including self-employed, ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business is safe and properly maintained.

Does it have the CE Mark, a correctly rated fuse, are the leads in good condition, is their any damage?. You dont need a company that charges you £££'s to do that.

But thats if you ARE competent & can log the check regularly & are prepared to stand up in court if something goes wrong.

Like MOT's they are only what someone saw on the day, the next day is a whol new kettle of fish!

Milkshake Van
by: Shane

Hello Mike
I am interested to hear if you went ahead with the Milkshake Van and how you are getting on.
I may have some ideas about different product variations you could offer.
Please contact me at sales@eurofoodbrands.co.uk
Kind regards

Milk Shake Mobile Catering
by: David

Hi Mike,

You will need a PAT (small appliances) test and a general electric test certificate. As for the food and hygiene certificate its good practice to renew every 3 years as a refresher.

I think that since you are selling food to the public that you may still be required to have a level 2 food & hygiene certificate. Contact your local council to make sure. This might also be a requirement for event organisers in the future if you wish to cater for any other events, so it’s worth investing the time and money.

You may also find this post helpful Mobile Catering

Best of luck,

PS. Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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