Mobile Catering - Stay Clear of Burgers/Hot dogs as There is Too Much Competition.

by Phil


Looking to get into the mobile catering industry. But want to stay clear of the burgers/hot dogs as feel there is too much competition.

I was thinking along the lines of cookies and organic milkshakes but does this type of stall sell as much as the traditional hot food?

Most people fancy a bacon & egg roll but not everyone would like a cookie to start the day.

There are obviously many sweet tooth stalls out there including the donut stall which is great for fairs and fetes but where would such a business do the majority of its trade?

Industrial estate car parks would be a waste of time I reckon. Also thought about a salad bar as I never see many of them at festivals, maybe a reason for this is trouble keeping the food fresh in the heat of summer.

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Feb 05, 2011
Why Not Try Other Types of Food Vending
by: David

Hi Phil,

I think you have more or less answered you own question, if you were to go along the lines of cookies or milkshakes it may prove difficult to get regular work to make it worth your while. Of course you could always set up during the summer months at a seaside resort, fairs, and car boots or somewhere similar.

I really think people have a clear image of a mobile catering trailer in that they expect to see burgers, hot dogs bacon rolls, tea, coffee and so on. I know there are some exceptions where, fish and chips, curries and kebabs are also sold. But most tend to sell food mentioned above. A decent burger, bacon roll, egg, sausage roll is sill unique to mobile catering and is something that is always in demand.

With regards to selling fresh salads this is something I tried on my menu during summer months, and found that most people still preferred a bacon/egg roll or a cheese, ham sandwich.
Maybe it’s a case that they already have salad most days of the week and want an alternative. You’re also right in that selling salads have a very short life before they start to go off.

I really understand your hesitance in wanting to sell the traditional mobile catering foods, but offering something completely different may prove a challenge.

Have you considered selling coffee via a coffee cart, ice cream with a van or with an ice cream bike during the summer months in parks etc? This mixed with candyfloss can also be very lucrative if you didn’t want to go down the mobile catering food route.

Below is some additional information that may interest you:

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Best of luck with your decision



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