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Can anybody please tell me how they transport food safely, to and from an event? I am thinking chilled/frozen food in particular. Do you just throw away anything that is left over?

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Jun 07, 2011
Storage in transit
by: Anonymous

Pop down your local fishmonger and see if you can get hold of any of the expanded polystyrene boxes they get fish delivered in.

Ours sells them off at 25p a time, you would be surprised how long stuff stays frozen in one of those.

Especially if you put a 6 pint bottle of water in the freezer for about 3 days before you need it then put that in the box with your frozen stuff and then seal the box.

Not neccessary if boxes are stacked just do the top one and don't overfill the boxes.

Cardboard boxes are also a pretty good form of insulation for a relatively short time.

Frozen baps seem to defrost rapidly when out of the freezer so get the estimating of numbers for them off to a fine art if possible pretty quick.

Solid Blocks of high moisture content foods such as burgers and sausage when kept together stay frozen longer. BUT ALWAYS ENSURE THEY ARE THOROUGHLY COOKED BEFORE SERVING.

A burger or sausage cooked from frozen may look cooked on the outside but use the edge of the burger flipper to probe the burger to ensure the juices are clear with sausage I always split them lengthways and cook the cut side as well just to make sure.

May 31, 2011
Transporting Food For Catering Trailer Food Business
by: David

Normally you would transport chilled/frozen food in fridges/freezer on catering trailer depending on size of event.

If you are catering for a larger event you could hire a refrigerated van for extra storage.

Some people use the van towing the trailer to store additional fridges and freezer which would run off a generator.

It’s best to avoid food wastage if possible and defrost what you need to use in advance.

Or instead of defrosting the food fully partially defrost required amount and then place in the fridge really to cook. It takes a little planning but it worth it, if it helps you reduce what you throw away.

Best of luck

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