Trading at Various Festivals and Events?

by Chelsea

Hi there, please can anyone help as I am pulling my hair out!

I have a horse trailer that I am wanting to convert into a catering trailer. I really DO NOT understand the license's as each council I have contacted don't have clear or helpful answers.

I would just like to trade at food events and different types of festivals. Not setting up on the side or the roads or car parks or anything like that.

So my problem is... What council do I register my trailer with if I am constantly being mobile? I don't want to pay Manchester council £775 street traders license if I am not trading on the streets of Manchester. An if the festivals have the own license then who does my environmental health check and so on?

I'm so confused with this grey area of licensing. If anyone knows about trading at festivals and events please enlighten me!

Many thanks, Chelsea

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Jan 15, 2015
Business registration
by: Emma

Hi Chelsea,

Just to elaborate on David's response, you will need to register with your local council, where your business is based (this may be your home address). They will then inspect you. This doesn't cost anything. You don't need to buy a licence unless you plan on trading independently in your county e.g. Not part of an organised event.

I hope this helps and good luck :)

Jan 06, 2015
Trading At Events
by: David

Hi Chelsea,

I would make sure by first contacting a reputable trailer manufacturer that you can indeed use a converted horse trailer for mobile catering purposes. I understand that you cannot convert a caravan trailer to use as a mobile catering trailer because of the layout, build and spec and that an LPG Engineer/Local authority will not accept them. I know this because someone who spent over £7000 doing the conversion has told me this.

Secondly, once you are good to go, you have to register with the local authority that you the trailer is kept at overnight. Once you are registered they will come out and inspect the vehicle, from here if you want to trade in other areas you are legally registered. Any other EHO also has the right to inspect your food vehicle if needed.

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Best of luck

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