Selling Home Made Cakes From A Burger Van

by Jacqui M


Can anyone help me?

I am trying to start up in business supplying homemade cakes, quiches and pies to burger vans in the local area. I am not sure of the licensing restrictions on cold precooked foods. What is the current legislation? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Apr 02, 2014
Its easy
by: Anonymous


I had to register with my local council to make things (cakes) from home, that I sell from a vintage caravan in our local park. It was really very easy. The council were dead helpful. I had to make no alterations or anything. I don't make quiches though, so you might need to be more strict than me, but you should be fine. I got 5 for my scores on the doors
Good luck

Feb 20, 2014
Cooking From Home
by: David

Hi Jacqui,

If you intend to use your home kitchen to prepare and cook cakes, quiches and pies, you will need to contact your local council and then register your food business.

They will then come down to inspect your kitchen, food cooking and preparation areas. Then depending on the layout and other criteria you may have to make revisions to meet the right legal standards.

You will more or less have to meet the same standards as that of a commercial kitchen, especially if you are going to prepare and cook high risk foods.

If the changes requires a lot of revisions or modifications to your kitchen, it may well be worth you considering using/renting a commercial kitchen. These can be rented on a short term period and have full cooking/storage facilities; obviously there will be a cost involved which needs to be considered.

You next step should be to contact your local council and then discuss what exactly you want to achieve, from here you will have a better idea of what direction to take next. Make sure you have an up to date F&H certificate and be advised that you may also have to inform the mortgage, insurance company and may also be liable for business rates etc.

You may also find this page helpful, as some of the requirements are the same: Start a Sandwich Delivery Business

Also, this post contains some useful information:

Setting Up Homemade Cake Business

Best of luck

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