I Would Like to Set Up My Own Homemade Cake Business

by Alison

What a brilliant website loads of info great, I would like to set up my own homemade cake business.

But would like to do it from a trailer in my driveway and then deliver cakes have asked around at local cafes they seem very keen to sell homemade cakes as they feel they are nicer than shop bought.

Do you think i would be able to do this? As i am very keen to do something for myself but am worried that it would work in a trailer, i understand it would have to be a custom built trailer due to baking requirements but i want to keep it separate to my house as need to have my own space so I’m not in the way of family and them in my way. I would love to make this work.

Gradually build up a really nice homemade cake business of my own as I love baking and seeing others enjoy my cakes is great too.


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Dec 07, 2009
Try Using a Catering Trailer - Converted Kitchen
by: Anonymous

Hi Klare,

I would contact the council and confirm the possibility of starting your baking business using a catering. As long as you have fridges, freezers and all necessary equipment situated with your trailer this may be an option. This is more or less a private kitchen – do contact them and see what they have to say about it.

Let us know how it all goes, best of luck.


Dec 06, 2009
me too but more advice needed
by: Klare

Couldnt believe it when I read this.. i want to do the same as the OP however only cupcakes ( and already have a market ready and waiting to go).. i looked into starting in the kitchen and in all honesty, by the time you have done the bits that the council need to pass you for food production from your house... it is just a lot of hassle, expense... and when you only have a small kitchen as I do... it is a better option to look into the purchase of something like a catering trailer. I also am hoping to do this and have it placed at the side of the house behind big gates so wouldnt deface the street or anything.. i was just unsure of whether i would actually be allowed to then produce food from the catering trailer at home ... I do think that i have read that if you have a dedicated space for running a business from at home then you have to pay business rates, but then I also belive that mobile catering vans don't have to pay business rates.. because they are mobile.. its confusing lol!
Anyone got any ideas?

Aug 27, 2009
Your Own Baking Business
by: Anonymous

Hi Alison,

These days you can get a trailer with ovens, work tops and a full array of equipment for almost any food related business. The only issue will be cost and if you want to spend this sort of money on your new baking business.

For obvious reasons I would suggest starting at home using your own oven and kitchen. When you start to make some sales and get some regular orders ? at this point you may want to look at getting a trailer or renting a commercial kitchen.

This is how most people start when they make jams, curry sauces, cookies and cakes, and then sell to the supermarkets and stores.

Hope this helps

Best of luck
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