Proof or Legal Documentation When Buying Mobile Catering Trailer


I’m buying my first ever catering trailer privately, and I wondered if I should get given any sort of proof of ownership?

I’m paying for it in cash, and I don’t want anything in the future to pop up to say I’m not the owner. Should I ask for anything in particular to say I am now the legal owner of the trailer?

Many thanks

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Mar 08, 2013
Legal trailer ownership
by: Anonymous

Hi I just purchased a catering trailer second hand from a privaty and he did not gave me any ownership for it and I dicided to export to Africa but they are asking for ownership for it. how can even get one?
there is anyway that I can get it at least a certificate for it? please if anyone knows let me know....thanks

Feb 09, 2013
Proof Of Ownership For Mobile Catering Trailer
by: David

Hi Aylin,

Good to hear from you.
There are some good points on this post
Check If Mobile Catering Trailer is Stolen that you may find helpful.

Also, to safe guard yourself as much as possible you could ask to see the original bill of sale that this person may have got when purchasing the trailer. I don’t think that you can carry out a HPI check on a catering trailer, but many do come with a serial number for identification. You could try to use this number and then contact the manufacture for more information.

Also, you should ask for both LPG gas/electric certificates past and present to verify authenticity.

This will help you make sure that it has passed the legal requirements and it should come with a gas safety record which will include a much more detailed description e.g. who tested is, when, engineer registration number, company details etc.

If this trailer is in use regularly, this will not be a problem.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck,
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