Power For Mobile Juicing Van High Watts

by Aisha

Hi I'm so glad I've found this site it's helped me so much just have a few questions :)

I'm in the process of starting a mobile juice/smoothie VAN and am needing a little guidance/advise on how to power the equipment as cost effective as possible.

I'll have:

- 2 juicers
- 2 blenders
- Fridge
- Freezer
- Water heater if 100% need, could I use a kettle??

I know this doesn't seem like much but the juicers and blenders are high watts and will need to run at least two simultaneously along with fridge freezer etc. Is there a way of keeping the fridge and freezer running overnight and while van isn't in use? To easy the transpiration of good daily?

I've been told by a generator company that's the size of watts would need a generator that would be too large to manage.

I've heard I could use two generators? Or is there any other way of powering such a large amount of electrical items.? I'm so sorry if this is repetitive or I have missed questions on your site that you have answered regarding these same issue.

Thanks for your time :)

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Apr 21, 2014
Power For Mobile Juicing Van
by: Brian

HI Aisha

You can separate your lighting and other low current draw items by putting them on a solar circuit, for instance lighting can be 12v LED and you can use an inverter for 300-500 watt items and draw off batteries.

You can buy 3 way fridge/freezers meaning they work off 230v/12v/LPG gas - they are pricey though.

There are all kinds of novel ideas to power juicers that I have seen at events including bicycle power.

Realistically you need to keep your power consumption down to generator power levels - 6kva equates to a large generator, this may mean producing and freezing juice bases (Apple or Orange juice) at home to reduce the amount of processing you carry out on site.

If using generators you may need LPG anyway as sites have strict regulations regarding ground contamination by petrol/diesel.

I would possibly look at what the maximum kilo wattage of electrical power you can generate is, possibly van mounted and then work out what equipment you can run.

You may also find this post helpful; What Size Generator

And also see the comment under this

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Hope that helps


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