What Size Generator For Mobile Catering Trailer?

I am purchasing a chip van with the usual gas& electric appliances, is there a minimum size generator that is required to run the normal fridge/freezer lights etc.

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Aug 22, 2017
Still a little confused!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am also trying to figure out what size generator to buy. I will be running a fridge, small freezer, small oven and pie warmer, lights and coffee machine, grinder and boiler (for coffee machine) as well as small items such as a blender stick and a fan. The hot water and griddle are gas. I am hearing about starting watt requirements and beginning to think I would need an extremely large generator! Unless of course I am totally confused! I had thought I would need a gas operated coffee machine, but presume this would still require power for grinder, pre pump and boiler. How do you power yours?

Feb 18, 2014
Generator Size
by: David

Hello Chris,

You may want to take a look at this post
Catering Generator What Size You will need to know the combined power of all electrical appliances before you choose the right size generator.

Feb 18, 2014
The right generator!! Help Please
by: Chris

Hi - I'm thinking of purchasing a Piaggio Ape mobile coffee van. It needs a generator. I haven't a clue on the correct size required to run the equipment, Anyone out there have any idea? Any info would be gratefully accepted. My budget is tight so its going to have to be a used one. Anyone recommend a brand or can point me in the right direction to a company who reconditions them? Petrol or diesel best? Need a quiet(ish) one because the catering unit is quite small

I'll need enough power to run:-
Gaggia type espresso maker (commercial) 2 station
Coffee grinder
Liquidiser (domestic)
Small hot water boiler
12 volt cool box
and a couple of LED lights


Jul 29, 2010
LPG Generator - Better Than Petrol - Diesel
by: David

The size of the generator will depend on the different electrical equipment that you are going to use now and in the future so bear this in mind when you go to purchase a generator. For the equipment that you have noted ? a 3-4 Kva generator should do the trick. See if you can get one that runs on LPG as there are many advantages such as

50% cheaper than petrol.
Quieter than most petrol diesel generators
Cleaner emissions

Hope This Helps


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