How Much Should I Expect To Pay To Rent A Pitch?

by Lisa

I have really enjoyed reading your story. It has been very inspirational. I have taken the plunge and bought my own catering trailer. I now need to sort our a pitch and everything else before I start trading.

I have a couple of places in mind, how much should I expect to pay to rent the pitch?



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Apr 29, 2013
How Much Should I Pay For Pitch
by: David

Hi Lisa,

Nice to hear from you!

With regards to your question, the price you would pay for a pitch can vary quite dramatically, from £50 a week to £500. It all depends on the location and if it’s an established pitch.

If you intend to go out and find a new pitch to trade from then you can negotiate the rent of the pitch with the landowner at the beginning. If you find a council/private pitch then the rent may already be set.

Sorry - but there is not easy way to answer your question since the rent paid can vary.

You may find the following post helpful:

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Best of luck Lisa!

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