Catering Pitch Rents Are £300 to £400 Per Week.

Hi David,

I've done two games inside a league one football stadium. I'm getting between 50 to 150 customers. I've worked out this isn't enough for me to live on and need to get a regular pitch during the week.

I've looked at a few B&Q and Homebase sites but they want £300 to £400 rent per week. Is this the industry standard? The rents seem very high.

I'm worried if I take these pitches at B&Q or Homebase on whether I will make enough money to survive on. Can you give any idea on how much average takings should be at a B&Q or Homebase?

Thanks for all your help.

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May 08, 2015
b&q carparks
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't advise going with b&q it is managed by consessions and its a rip off...the rent is way over priced we have a catering business and when we asked if the rent could be lowered they didn't want to we had no other choice to leave the was good experience but we will never deal with consessions again..hope that helps

Oct 06, 2013
pitch. opposite. leeds. foot ball. stadium
by: walter. oates

Does. Anybody. want. To rent. A. Garage base. Opposite. leeds. 2 main car parks which. Is seen. Normally. By. hundreds. of public. But on. Match days. Is viewed. By thousand.this. land. Is adjacent to a. Private. Road so. Does not. Come. under. Leeds. Football or leeds. City council. The. Base is. Passed. By. Public. Going. To MacDonalds. So. You would. Get. Large per cent of. Thier. Customers. This. Base. Can be. Hired very. Cheaply. On. Long. Or. Short. Terms. If of any. use. Please. Email Walt. On.

May 03, 2011
Catering Pitch Prices
by: David

Hi Harinder,

These rents are around the average prices for these kinds of stores, although for this amount of rent they must be the larger Superstores.You probably can go for a lower rent but then this will be for the smaller store which may have less foot fall.

Most people will prefer to go to the larger superstores to shop if given the choice, so theoretically you should see more customers.

I can tell you from someone I knew a few years ago who was on a B&Q superstore pitch, his rent was the same £3-£400 per week, but he was earning around £2-£3000 (total not profit) per week. This was for a full 7 day week with mainly family helping out in the business.

Now I am not saying that the pitch you may be thinking of renting will generate the same amount of income, but it’s possible.

Bear in mind that his location was not in a built up area so not too many other food outlets around.

And most trades and builders would use the superstore as opposed to the smaller equivalents, since the bigger store carries more stock and had a special section for trade.

If you are worried about renting such an expensive pitch – just make sure you read the contract and that it has a get out clause if you wish to leave early.

Best - David

p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business

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