How Long For Fridge Get To Temperature?

by Sue

I am in the process of buying a static trailer on a business park. The current owner runs a generator for the lights and fridge but I fear the fridge is not cold enough to store food through the day because it is powered off at night and has to be switched on every morning.

The van has a current 5 star rating so as obviously been inspected recently and presumably all was fine then but does anyone has any experience of the best size fridges I would need to store food / cans that would be cold enough within half an hour or so in the morning ?

Many thanks

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Aug 12, 2015
fridge temp
by: Anonymous

Your fridge should not be turned off if you have stock inside, If however there is no stock and you just need it for that day it will take about 20mins depending on what the weather is doing outside ie hot winter, summer.
Just make sure you keep a record of your temps on a daily bacis.Buy a temp probe.Good luck

Jul 11, 2014
Fridge Temperature
by: David

Hi Sue,

If you go for a 3 way fridge (12v, Gas, 240V) this will allow you to power the fridge throughout the night using a leisure battery or you could use an inverter.

This way you can just leave the stock in the fridge during the night, since your trailer is static. I don’t think the previous owner is leaving food overnight in the fridge since any high risk food should be under constant temperature control. You can of course leave tin drinks in the fridge and if it’s doing its job during the day, the cans should still be cold enough in the morning.

Also, the insider fridge temperature will vary according during Summer/Winter. During the summer all my cold drinks were placed in a cool box with ice/cold packs to retain the cold temperature, but this does not apply to high risk foods, just fizzy tin drinks.

This post will give you a little more info: Power On Board Fridge

Best of luck,

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