Generator to Power Coffee Machine - Mobile Catering

Gas Generator

Gas Generator

Hi, I have an 8 x 6 mobile catering trailer. It is equipped with Gas (for the bain marie, griddle and urn).

My problem is that I need to power the following items with a generator:

coffee machine = 3000 watts
small fridge? not sure of wattage
small drinks fridge? not sure of wattage
george foreman grill: 1600 watts
Soup Kettle: 400watts

I'll be going to festivals and notice some organisers do not want petrol generators. Some also look for silent generators. A diesel generator seems to start from £2K!

Does anyone have any advice on how to get a reliable generator without costing thousands.

One final thing - I also plan to sell ice cream in the future! more wattage.

Many thanks in advance for anyone that replies to me.

Kelly :) x

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Jan 24, 2018
Generator recommendations
by: Anonymous


Some good advice on this thread so far.
I have a similar question.
I am planning to move my kiosk (currently wired in to the mains) to a new site where I will need a generator.
Adding up the equipment gives a power usage of about 6kW.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably quiet one? (the site is in a public park).
It would also have to able to be moved by one person, and finally and predictably, I don't want to spend thousands!

Thanks for any comments in advance,



Apr 25, 2014
What generator
by: Peter

Ence is been using a Honda ELISA 6000 converted to lpg . It can cope with my baguette oven or my panini grill but not both at the same time as they are roughly each 3kva.
It will also run my lighting and 4 fridges. This was more by.
The generator left my van for the first time in about 10 years to be serviced. I placed it just behind the front seats in the back and have the side door open on my merc 208 sprinter ,to vent the exhaust and access. The generator is the silent running type lpg heavy but brill.

Jun 28, 2012
lpg generator
by: simon gray

Hi Kelly,

You need to know the power required and the space available in your van.

I would speak with They helped a friend of mine out with buying a generator and it was a good price.

Good luck!


Jun 06, 2011
Is LPG best?
by: Kevin

I am looking to furnish my trailer with the following: a coffee machine, a grinder, a fridge, a small sink unit and a water tank. Is LPG the best for power generation if I need to keep my payload to a minimum and as mobile as possible? What sort of costs are associated with LPG?

May 31, 2011
by: Kelly

Hi david

thanks for the response. I have decided on the lpg conversion kit and won't be using the grill (or i'll get a gas panini machine). I will be just be using the coffee machine so don't need such high wattage.

Many thanks for your advice, the site is really helpful to people starting out.


kelly :)

May 31, 2011
LPG Generator - Cheaper to Run
by: David

Hi Kelly,

Have you considered an LPG generator it will run off your existing LPG bottles or a large separate LPG bottle for Festivals?

It will save you the hassle of buying, storing and refilling the diesel tank/generator and cheaper to run.

Also you can just buy a normal generator and then fit a LPG conversion kit.
Unfortunately you have specified equipment which uses a lot of wattage and require a lot of power.

The fridges don?t really use up too much power; it?s mainly the George foreman grill and coffee machine. So think about - do you really need this equipment or can you manage for now without it?

Don?t forget to look into how you will store such a big generator ? do you have space in your trailer and are you able to carry it in and out each day. See this post called what people do with their generator

Finally check out Edge Technology who sells a wide range of generators including the LPG conversion kit; they are also very helpful their website is:

Hope this helps.


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