What Do People Do With their Generator? Mobile Catering

by Emma
(South West)


I know this seems like a really silly question but what do people do with their generator whilst in and out of use?!

I've read that most mobile catering trailers would require a 5KW generator to run their electrical items, and looking around these seem to weigh around 60kg+ without fuel.

Presumably this needs to sit on the ground near to the trailer, but as a female planning on working alone I'm really puzzled as to how people get them in and out of cars etc, without doing an injury!

Is there an obvious solution to this that I am missing?!

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generator storage/movement
by: Steve "The Tow Bar Trailer"

Hi there!
bought a 10 kva genny, mounting it on a 4 wheel turntable trolley and putting a ATV winch on the rear to pull it into the trailer and to any location I need.., very heavy made easy!

by: Anonymous

hi look at the wolf generators they can easy handle most electrical in a trailer i currently run a electric coffee machine and grinder plus lights and fridge and a freezer water pump is done with a twelve volt batt the rest is gas my gen kicks out 3500kw which is more than enough and brand new for 200 pound gum tree ten hour tank and low noise

LPG Equipment
by: David

Hi Rick,

You can run a fridge and most electrical equipment off a LPG. For lights you can use a leisure battery and then charge it up so often. As for small appliances avoid them if you can (toaster, microwave as they will need a separate PAT test.

You can cook toast, beans and most things on the griddle. The basic catering equipment; water boiler griddle, baine marie, fryer can easily handle most menu choices.

what about small electrical appliances
by: Rick

If you advise to use lpg equipment to avoid the hassle of a generator, what about fridge, light boiler or any other small appliances that are needed for cooking? I am interested in mobile catering and was considering more electrical cooking appliances than gas however the question of where to store a large generator has puzzled me. Thanks Rick

Genrator Storage For Catering Trailer
by: David

Hi Emma,

Great point!

Most of the new catering trailers are built with compartments that will hold a generator for the catering trailer, unfortunately not all do so.

So it’s then a case of either towing the generator separately using a small trailer, lugging it in and out daily which is not the best option.

Or if possible, getting a storage box made up to hold your generator but only if there is room.

Sorry there is no simple answer, this is why I try and recommend people use all LPG equipment on their catering trailer and avoid electrics and a generator if at all possible.


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