Electricity at Events and Generator

by Agnieszka

Hi Dave

Great website!!

I just got my trailer (whooo whoo) and will be selling Zpiekanka which is pizza baguettes with 8 different toppings. I am getting an oven, which is around 3kv/230v power (a beast) I will also have tv, fridge, ban marie, fan, light and display on the counter fridge.

I will need a generator but have no idea what kind. I am very confused after all the research I have done. My budget is not great and I am planning just doing weekend events and festivals.

Do you know if they normally supply electricity or would I have to get the generator. If I do can you suggest what kind? I will need to find one on ebay as the new are not in my budget range.

Thank you for all the help


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Apr 12, 2014
Electricity at Events
by: David

Hello Agnieszka,

If it’s not too late it may well worth looking into a LPG oven alternative since you’ve not brought the electric 3kv beast yet.

I use to run an LPG oven in my catering trailer to bake fresh baguettes and bread. I know it’s going to be an initial outlay but it will work out cheaper to run in the long-term as opposed to buying a generator, lugging it around, storage maintenance etc.

As for festivals and other events, some do provide a power source, but some don’t so you will need to find this out beforehand and then make arrangements. What size generator will also depend on the combined power source of all the equipment you will be using?

The following post should be helpful and provides a link to a generator calculator:

Catering Generator What Size Do I Need

Best Way To Power Refridgerator

I hope this information is helpful to you; wishing you both the best of luck.

Let me know how it goes


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