Catering Van for Thai food

Hi David,

I'm thinking about starting up this Thai food on the wheel. I always wanted to have my own business for a Thai restaurant or a cafe but due to the financial concerns so I'm heading my way of thinking to do it on the wheel instead.

Do you think it'll work??

I'll also need to look for a van that has got all the right equipment, I need for Thai cooking purpose, and I'm not sure if that's easy to find. Gas hob is definitely needed. I'm not sure if the trailer will be suitable for me. I've never driven vehicle with trailer before.

I'd appreciate your advice.

Many thanks in advance.

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Aug 24, 2011
target customers
by: Tae Caro

Hi David,

Thanks very much for your advice.

I used to run Thai kitchen in a pub but had to stop after started for couple months as the landlady decided to stop running the pub so it went back to the brewery company. It's a shame as we started built up our regular customer.

I'm in Stockport, South Manchester and my sister-in-law she suggested that I should do the trade in Salford where the BBC will be moving to and hardly find where to eat at the moment. Also looking at the events like Fairs/car boot sales and near the offices.

I'll study the quick links you have provided and start to make a move as soon as I can, so nervous though!!!

Thanks again.

Aug 24, 2011
Thai Food Mobile Catering
by: David

Hi Tae,

I think it will work as long as you have the right location and the food is great. People still need to eat and Thai food is a great choice and it?s one of my favourites.

Don?t worry about the catering van, because even if the vehicle does not come installed with a hob you can still have one installed.

Your main concern is going to be finding the right type of pitch, not so much an industrial estate but more city centre, and other events.

As for towing a trailer, it?s definitely something that you can do ? money is a great motivator. If all else fails, ask someone else to tow the trailer for you or try using a catering van.

I know you can do it, wishing you the best of success

Please also read this post which also offers some good advice

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