Thinking Of Starting Up Our Own Catering Business

by Sangeetha and Fraser


My husband and I are thinking of starting up our own catering business, like yourself, by using a catering van.

We live in Sittingbounre Kent, and I have recently been made my redundant and my husband is still in full time work, however we are seriously thinking about just taking the plunge and just going for it.

This would involve him leaving work, as he is the cook and for both of us to do this together. We are planning to take a mortgage break for a year so we haven't got too much financial pressure in with that aspect.

The food we would like to sell would be Sri-lankan, Lalysia curries (vegetarian and meat). Lunch sized portions would include a meat or vegetarian curry, with lentils and some sort of greens.

We saw something similar in London, and was doing very well. Being Sri Lankn myself, my husband has learnt to cook like a traditional Sri Lankan food to a 'T'.

How do you think this would work? Do you think this would be feasible. Would we need to take a big loan to start? Did you have to leave full time work to start up?

This is our dream, and would be willing to work full time with this. We were also looking at doing this like a take away business so people can have food packed for dinner, at affordable prices.

Our worry is this current climate, and shops closing don etc, however the other part of us just wants to go for it, but worried our timing is not right.

We do feel there is a gap in the market for traditional Malaysia food and Sri Lankan curries, cooked like it is abroad. Homely, traditional food is what we think people want as well.

Any advise most welcome, we are so new to this and would

welcome any help at all.

Kind Regards

Sangeetha and Fraser

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Aug 10, 2009
great idea
by: colin

Hi, I live near you ,,gravesend,,at the kent garden show detling my unit was next to a similar unit to the one your thinking of operating, this unit sold out on all 3 days ( which isnt very good business )but just to prove a point its a fantastic speciality line, and having a speciality line also lowers your rent on a lot of events and sometimes you can even get paid for attending,I paid £500 a day and the curry unit only paid £200 , also have a walk up and down brick lane ( sunday upmarket )on a sunday about 2oc theres a thai food stall there and theyre mobbed out,ive got 2 barrows a bit further up where theyre just starting a new food court i think this area would suit you,..col

Apr 23, 2009
As Most People Can't Cook Anyway
by: Anonymous

Hi Sangeetha,

With regards to your question, I personally think that if you are not under any financial pressure then why not take the chance to start your business.

People still need to eat more than ever (as most people can't cook) and if you can provide good, healthy fresh food at a reasonable price then your business will still do well.

Your should start by doing some market research and make sure that their is a market for your product as you will be offering something a little different.

If you start with a catering trailer could you also cook for weddings, parties and other similar events.So that you are not tied to one type of income stream from one location.

I have worked on a normal catering pitch on the week days, football matches on the weekend, fairs on a Sunday and had a few ways to generate money.

Also learn how to also market and promote yourself efficiently, leaflets, promote other related service that you can offer - a mobile number to have customers call you to pick up their food, signs on trailer business cards. adverts etc.(treat it like a business)

Think how to add value to your customers expereince, offer a better service than your competitors, something different something better and you will do okay for yourself regardless of the economic climate.

I'm sure you can pick up a good trailer with all the equipment for around £5000 or why not rent if your not sure.If you really want it, then take a chance and see where it will take you.

Hope this helps you our a little.


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