Catering Pitch Space For Mobile Catering

by Jessey


My name is Jessey i want to start my own business by opening a food take away the only problem I have is I need to find a good spot to open this I am looking for a industrial pitch or a DIY B&Q spots but I do not know who to get these pitches from, or where to apply for them.

Please can you help me I live in the London Ilford areas anywhere in London not to far I will be interested in please help

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Apr 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi there how do we contact these available pitches because I have phones home base and they just transfer the call from one person to another and at the end they just hang the phone

Jun 19, 2012
Home Base & B&Q Locations
by: David

If you go to the retail concessions website, they have a number of mobile catering pitches available in the London area, as of today 19/6/12 I can see a number of pitches available at various Home Base Locations and B&Q Locations throughout the country.

If you click Homebase Pitch Locations and
B&Q Pitch Locations Home Base Catering Pitch or B&Q Catering pitch you will a list of locations availability(this opens new window, just close when finished).

All you have to do is then contact Retail Concessions to get the ball rolling.

You will however need a catering trailer, food and hygiene certificate (level 2) and Public Liability Insurance to move forward.

Some Considerations

It may also be a good idea before choosing a pitch to go and check out the location. Do some research to find out what other food outlets are available, in other words see what competition you are up against.

Spend a few days at and around the location to see how busy the store can become, especially over the weekends. If you are considering more than 1 location then spend some time researching each location and choose the best one for you to get started on.

It's a lot to think about, so don't rush in.

Best of luck,


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