Caravan Conversion For Mobile Catering

by Paul

Hi, my wife has started recently selling cooked food at a local market, now looking to expand with a trailer, caravans are two a penny and I was going to convert one into a food trailer.

Basically gut the interior but leave behind useful stuff like plumbing, electrics etc, the inside/outside would then be custom made with aluminum, stainless, is this going to be ok as I am seeing conflicting answers. I am using the basic structure of the caravan as a trailer as it seems the cheapest way of doing it, does anybody know what the rules and regulations are?

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Caravan conversion
by: Abi

Hi Paul, im looking to convert a caravan too. Had you got any further with your conversion?

caravan conversion
by: Anonymous

I trade from a converted caravan but only selling ice cream. Apparently when I enquired, I wouldnt have been able to become gas compliant for hot food, but not sure what the rules or regs are.

Old caravans are made up of a timber frame, so we had no problem cutting in a hatch, the frame just needed reinforcing to compensate.

Personally, I much prefer them to normal white trailers. Can you just use electric?

Caravan Conversion
by: Brian

Hi Paul,

The original chassis design and walls are not constructed with either heavy equipment or heat in mind, there may be insurance issues from a structural view point, especially after you modify it by cutting a large serving hatch and ventilation grills into the walls.
The gas storage will not be large enough or compliant with commercial catering.
I think a question you should ask yourself is, why isn't everyone else doing it?

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Best of luck and do let us know how you get on.


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