Bought Wrong Sized Generator Would Welcome Some Advice

by Tom

Hi I need help!

Have just bought my trailer really excited in getting going but was given some advice from a mate that I only needed a 2.8KVA 2.2 generator.

Soon discovered this wasn't man enough for the job!(and has been returned). The griddle and bain-marie run off LPG.

So I need a generator for the lights, fridge, tea urn and double deep-fat fryer (2.4 kw for each fryer). Family have helped me out so far with finances I have little money left to get everything sorted. I need to know the most economical way of getting started.

Would I be better off changing my tea urn for a gas urn and running rest off a generator, if so, what size? Or getting a gas generator (though they seem really expensive). I'm getting very confused and worried that I won't be able to get going.

Thank you.

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Oct 02, 2013
Thanks David
by: Tom

Hi David

Thanks so much for getting back to me. The info you provided was really useful. Im going to look into getting an LPG tea earn and maybe wait a while till I use the chip fryer. Thanks for your help this is such a good site.


Oct 01, 2013
LPG or Electric Catering Equipment
by: David

Hi Tom,

If it’s not too late I would advise you to get an LPG gas tea earn and fridge if possible. If you have enough also buy a LPG fryer, or just wait until you make some money, as it’s not that important when stating out.

LPG equipment is more economical and you will be using it a lot especially during the winter months. The thing with having some gas and electric is that you will now need to have 2 different test certificates and also a P.A.T for small appliances like toaster, kettles.

So if possible I would advise just using the one energy source. For things like lights you can also use an inverter or regular camping battery which you just charge occasionally. If you find that you really need a generator then you might want to consider getting an LPG conversion kit, these will fit a normal petrol generator and work well.

Please also see the post below for more info:

LPG Or Electric Catering Equipment

LPG Generator conversion Kit

Using an Inverter

Best of luck,

PS. Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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