Where to Prep Food Catering Mobile Fish and Chip Van

We are thinking of getting a mobile fish and chip van. One problem we have is where to prep the food as I don’t think the van would be big enough.

I am not sure that doing it in my kitchen is a great idea, so the question is where to prep the food.

Any help would be most welcomed.

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Jul 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Our neighbours run a fish and chip van but they prep the chips in the garden which is really close to us. We already asked them to stop chipping on the table outside as it was driving us mad and they have done that.but they have carried on with the machine that preps the spuds it is really noisy.is this legal ?

Dec 19, 2010
Where to prep?
by: prince albert

To do it properly, and by that I mean to achieve the maximum profit...you really do need a commercial unit/kitchen from which to prepare your product but it is still possible to trade using pre-prepared chips and most good fish merchants will skin and bone fresh fillets...

Actually, today many Fish and Chip shops choose to buy ready prepared chips! Insisting that when all factors are taken in to consideration... they do not really work out that much more expensive...

A more pressing issue I think from an environmental health point of view is not where to prep but rather where are you going to keep/store your stock to prevent contamination and spoilage?

Oct 23, 2010
Space To Prepare Food
by: David

Hi there,

Do attempt to do all your food preparation in the van even if there is a shortage of space. See if you can use a temporary work top to make use of more space. Otherwise the only other option is to rent/borrow a commercial kitchen to prepare all your food from.

Using your own kitchen is also possible but becomes a problem as amongst other things you will have to register with local council, possibly get planning permission, pay business rates, get extra insurance, and inform your mortgage company that you intend to use the house as a business.So not really that straightfoward.

Sorry I can't be more helpful

Best of luck with your business

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