Where To Make Candy Floss Before Events and Store Machine Afterwards

by Alison

I'm thinking of buying a Candy Floss Machine, but my kitchen is tiny and don't have a lot of room to make up or store anything. My question is where does everybody else make up the floss before they go to events? And where do you store the machine afterwards? My hubby said we'd buy a new shed but don't think Enviromental Health would approve that. Would also want to sell in tamper proof tubs. Any info greatly appreciated.

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May 11, 2017
by: Clare

Hi I have been asked to do 300 bags of candy floss in July! How can I keep it fresh where should I store it

May 20, 2015
Storing a candy floss machine
by: lynette

Did you find out whether it would be ok to store the machine in a wooden shed, would the shed have to be lined to prevent rodents getting in or ok to bag the whole machine, as for cleaning the bowl with warm water, would it be ok to do that on an outside covered table, as I haven’t much room in the kitchen or sink to do this.

May 28, 2014
Candy Floss Business
by: David

Hey Allison,

Glad we could help, don’t give up as this is a great business idea. There aren’t too many people selling candy floss and it’s something you can sell all year round (bags or tubs).

Someone mentioned to me that they make it at home and then sell it to all the local sweet shops, car boot; church fairs etc (can’t remember who it was). The initial investment will cost you but you recoup this when up and running.

Anyway do keep me updated and if you find out any other specific information please do let me know.


May 28, 2014
Where to Make Candy Floss before Events and Store Machine Afterwards
by: Alison

Thanks David for such a great site for info and thanks Ron for your reply, I have been tearing my hair out trying to find out information about where to make up and store, its been impossible till now.

When I asked on a Candy Cart page, I got told I couldn't store Floss and lots of links to Environmental Health. They obviously misunderstood the question. I didn't mean I wanted to make up then store I meant just what I said here.

We were looking at cheaper machines then read a lot of bad stuff so will be going for a Commercial one. Feel better now I know we can make in shed before events makes life so much easier.

Got a few things to sort out so may end up missing the Summer season this year but def going to give it a go. You never see Floss being made up as you wait anymore, its always bagged, I loved floss on a stick as a kid. May well be in touch in the near future Cheers.

May 27, 2014
Candy Floss Machine
by: Ron

Hello Alison,

Making floss in a shed would be fine, if you then pack them in large black bags you can then store in the shed after you finished the amount of bags you need, if you are making tubs then pack in boxes.

The cleaning requirement for all the above machines could not be simpler you just wash the bowl in warm water after daily use, the spinning head of the machine you simply run it dry of sugar at least once every two to three weeks.

You can produce a bag of floss for as little as six to eight pence depending on which Printed bag you use, or less if using a plain polythene bag, the average retail price per Bag is £1.50 / £2.00p so can see there is profit even to wholesale it to others.

Before purchasing a candy floss machine always check to make sure you are purchasing quality. Do you require a machine for commercial use? Machines that were purchased without obtaining the correct information beforehand can be costly.

A few tips the foreign machines are really built to operate on 110v. Then adapted to work on our 220/240v supply, this gives major problems.

If you require further info or help then please ring me without obligation, I have been around candy floss machines some 40 years contact me 07836 327 645 / 01384 573 824.



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