Where to Advertise My Catering Pitch


I have just purchased a small car park in a fairly central location in Bath. The car park is opposite a large student halls of resident and a new Holiday Inn hotel. Nearby there is a local school and a lot of development (residential and commercial). There is also a lot of passing pedestrians coming to and from the centre.

On the edge of the car park there is an area of land, right next to the pavement, that I think would be perfect for a mobile catering pitch. I see two potential markets - daytime coffee and sandwiches/food for breakfast and lunch etc and also a evening market which is about supplying, for example, fish and chips, for the growing number of residential units being developed.

I would need to do some work to the site in order to make it fit for purpose. Also, there are other uses I can put this land to, such as increased parking spaces. As such, I am trying to evaluate the potential level of interest and the likely rent that I can charge.

Do you have any advice on how I could go about assessing this and where I could advertise the potential opportunities?

Thanks, Lee

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