What Size Generator Do I Need To For My Catering Trailer?

by Sarah

Hi there,

I found your article very informative and helpful.

I have a question, I am about tot take the plunge with a van and need a generator that can power, a fridge, a light, a soup kettle and a toaster. What size do you think I will need and any advice on makes.

I stupidly bought a Rockworth 1.1 and is can only power the lights, so at the moment I am without my tools!! Hope you can help me. Thanks Sarah

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Jun 01, 2019
Mobile Catering Genrator Size
by: David-


I would recommend a 3kW or 5kw generator to power all the equipment. Also, get a dedicated LPG generator which is much more economical and is free from soil and ground contamination which is a must if you intend to cater for ongoing events. Its also a clean source of power, which does not smell like petrol or diesel generators. They are easy to hook up and use, with existing LPG equipment. See
a range of mobile catering generators for more info

Best of luck,


Nov 05, 2008
Try a 4-5kv Generator It Should Do The Trick
by: Anonymous

Hi Sarah, you will probably need a 4-5 Kv generator to power all your equipment, if you can get a gas powered generator it would be better and more economical.

You may need a chain to attach it to your vehicle so that nobody steals it when you are busy inside cooking. You should be able to get one for a reasonable price at Costco, Makro, Machine Mart or even eBay.

Best of luck


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