What questions should one ask when contacting event organizers?

by Chris


I like this site, very educating. My question is that what questions should I ask when contacting event organizers and what information shall I give them?

I know I should find out pitch prices, preferred vehicle and I should tell them what I'm selling, but what else?

I'd like to start up soon, my registration is under process and I'm searching the trailers although I'm going to hire one in the first few weeks...so I just want to be prepared to talk to these people because I'll be relying on them somehow.

Any answer would be much appreciated, thanks for help in advance, keep up the good work


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Feb 13, 2011
Questions to Ask Event Organisers
by: David

Hi Chris,

When contacting event organisers
They will probably ask you the majority of basic questions like: what foods will you are selling, proof of LPG certificate, liability insurance and so on. The main questions that you should be asking are:

• how many other catering units will be present
• do they provide electics, water toilets facilities etc
• what type of food will other units be selling
• find out foot fall numbers of previous events

Then try and estimate how much profit you are likely to make. Also find out where your food vehicle will be positioned and try to negotiate a good spot for you to set up.
Some events organisers may have whole load of food units turn up to get the rent money, regardless if you make a profit or not.

I know you can’t be 100% accurate but at least it will give you an idea if a particular event might be profitable for you.

Best of luck and hope this helps!


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